Seal of Approval

The NCH gives all members a dynamic seal which they can display on their website. It updates automatically every day, so that you can be sure the Hypnotherapist you are looking at is a Bona Fide NCH member.

To be sure you are using an NCH approved Hypnotherapist, make sure you check they are listed on our hypnotherapy directory, or if they are displaying the NCH Seal of Approval, that it has TODAYS DATE.

The seals granted by the NCH are as follows:

NCH Sample Registered SealRegistered

This seal is awarded to members who meet our required standard for practice.

NCH Sample Accredited SealAccredited

This seal is awarded to members who have completed the HPD (NCH) and have considerable practical experience in the profession.

NCH Sample Fellow SealFellow

This seal is only awarded to members of Accredited standard who have been considered by the NCH to have made a significant contribution to the profession of Hypnotherapy.

For more information on the criteria members must meet to be able to use our seals, please see our Hypnotherapy Qualifications page.