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Nearest NCH Registered Hypnotherapists to Pembrokeshire

  • Oliver Grantham, MNCH (Acc.), HPD

    Oliver Grantham, MNCH (Acc.), HPD

    Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Teacher, NLP Counselling, Personal Development & Transpersonal Life Coach I also have 2 other consultation rooms… View full profile »
    Haverfordwest, SA61 2AL (under 9 miles from Pembrokeshire)
  • Stephen Patrick Higgins, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Stephen Patrick Higgins, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    With more than 15 years experience, verified with appropriate qualifications, of working in one to one situations with individuals in Health & Social Care… View full profile »
    Newcastle Emlyn, SA38 9AJ (under 31 miles from Pembrokeshire)
  • Peter Saville, MNCH (Reg.)

    Peter Saville, MNCH (Reg.)

    I deal with most problems for which hypnotherapy is useful. I particularly enjoy stop smoking successes as my own mother died of emphysema. I am also a… View full profile »
    Carmarthen, SA32 7HD (under 34 miles from Pembrokeshire)
  • Nick Brunger, MNCH (Acc.), HPD

    Nick Brunger, MNCH (Acc.), HPD

    I operate a general practice and am happy to help clients deal with all kinds of issues. I particularly enjoy helping clients to give up smoking and, as one of… View full profile »
    Carmarthen, SA32 7NY (under 34 miles from Pembrokeshire)
  • Alison Willock, MNCH (Reg.)

    Alison Willock, MNCH (Reg.)

    Today’s demanding life style can impact on the way we think, feel, live and work. This can lead to anger, anxiety, and depression which may influence our… View full profile »
    Llanelli, SA14 9UB (under 34 miles from Pembrokeshire)