⭐ – Certificate in CBT-Hypnotherapy

CPD Event title: Certificate in CBT-Hypnotherapy

Brief Description Of Event: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provides a structured way of working to help your client make links between their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Combining this approach with hypnosis takes it to a whole new level by using rescripting and imaging techniques. This course provides you with scripts, client handouts, PowerPoint presentation and a comprehensive overview of CBT so that you have the confidence to establish yourself as a CBT-Hypnotherapy Practitioner.
This course has been developed by Dr. Claire Jack, an experienced hypnotherapist, lecturer and researcher who writes regularly for Psychology Today as one of their experts and has been featured in Psychologies Magazine.

Learning Objectives: You will learn:
· What is meant by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, including it’s rationale and focus
· How CBT developed as a therapeutic approach
· Why people develop issues from a CBT perspective
· How automatic thoughts influence response and behavior
· How cognitive distortions affect our perspective and behavior
· How thoughts, feelings and behaviours are closely interlinked
· How to identify and challenge cognitive distortions
· How to identify and explain the importance of behavioral change
· How to use a CBT-hypnotherapy protocol
· Combining CBT with solution focused work to establish goals & scaling system
· How to structure a CBT based session using the A,B,C,D,E model
· How to deal with resistant clients & establish client’s degree of motivation
· Setting client ‘homework’
· How to teach client self-hypnosis
· How to use anchors to strengthen resolve and client confidence
· How to use the CBT-hypnosis script
· How to use hypnotherapy to distance the client from unhelpful thought processes and behaviours
· How to identify and work with lingering unhelpful thought processes and behavioural responses
· When and how to use CBT-hypnotherapy protocol
· Summary

Course Structure: This course combines written work with video demonstrations and a PowerPoint presentation. Towards the end of the course you will find scripts and client handouts which are referenced throughout the course material.
Client resources including scripts and handouts are downloadable PDF files and are located throughout the course.
You can complete this course at your own pace and will receive a Certificate of Graduation upon completion.

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Name of trainer: Dr. Claire Jack

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Website: academy-of-the-inner-mind.teachable.com/p/certificate-in-cbt-hypnotherapy

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Cost of Course: £95

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