Hypnotherapy can have many beneficial effects with a very wide range of issues from a simple phobia to complex trauma. Some therapists work with a broad spectrum of issues and they are known as generalists, while others will have a specialism such as eating disorders, addictions or managing pain.

Clients often report beneficial changes in other areas of their life in addition to the concern for which they originally sought help for, these may benefits can include (amongst others), improved sleep, the ability to relax and a general sense of wellbeing, the ease to be present and enjoy Life less distracted by thoughts. There are a whole host of additional changes possible with Hypnotherapy, as client’s issues can block to ability to be calm, centered and carefree, once the primary issue is addressed the block can naturally and easily dissipate.


Please note that the National Council for Hypnotherapy neither guarantees the effectiveness of treatment in individual cases nor accepts any liability whatsoever for NCH Members or Accredited Training Provider who fail to conform to the NCH Code of Ethical Conduct and Performance.