Accredited Membership

Accredited Membership of the NCH is awarded to members who have gained the HPD either through an accredited school or via the individual portfolio route (IPR).

Accredited membership £70 per year

Upgrading to Accredited level membership is available to Full members of the NCH who have completed the HPD and also meet the following criteria:

  • Complete the online application form
  • Have been in practice for a minimum of three years
  • Have completed a minimum of 300 client hours
  • Have their NCH-accredited supervisor produce an Upgrade Report to demonstrate the degree of professional competence expected at this level of membership
  • Be able to produce two case studies of at least 1000 words each if requested
  • Be prepared to discuss their application with a member nominated by the Committee

Unsure which route is right for you?

If you meet the requirements click to pay the fee of £20 and apply to upgrade your membership today!

If you want further information about upgrading to Accredited level membership contact our Admin team who will be glad to help