Accredited Schools

The National Council for Hypnotherapy offers hypnotherapy training through NCH-Accredited Training Schools, which are listed below. Only schools that offer the Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma  HPD can get NCH accreditation. The HPD (NCH) is considered by many to be the gold standard in hypnotherapy training and we strongly recommend that you gain this award via your training.

Selecting the right school for you is very important, so consider your choice carefully. Your school will both form the foundation for your competence and represent a major investment in yourself. The NCH only assesses and manages the schools’ proficiency in enabling students to gain the HPD (NCH), not the whole course. It’s important that when you are interviewed by the school that you ask questions to ascertain whether its approach to hypnotherapy and training suits your requirements.

To be accredited by the NCH, hypnotherapy training schools must fulfil these key criteria:

  • Minimum of 120 hours classroom teaching;
  • Occupational competence as trainers and experienced practitioners;
  • Learning programme covers all the HPD learning outcomes;
  • Schools provide the appropriate level of teaching, support, tutoring and assessment to enable all students to gain the HPD if so they choose.

Please hover over and click on each school for contact details and links to the schools’ websites.

Your development doesn’t stop at qualification. At the NCH, we have an active programme of Continual Professional Development (CPD) so you can keep your skills up to date with great discounts for NCH members.

Andrew Parr Training Ltd

Contact: Andrew Parr
Location: London, East Sussex & Online World Wide
Telephone: 07887 566 562

Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis

Contact: Adam Eason
Location: Bournemouth
Telephone: 01202 526977 or 0845 890 9000

Annette Brown School of Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP, EMDR, EFT and Mindfulness

Contact: Annette Brown
Location: Lancashire
Telephone: 07730 333833

Botley School of Hypnotherapy

Contact: Ian Fielder
Location: Hampshire
Telephone: 01489790052

Central England College

Contact: Nick Cooke MNCH (Acc)
Location: Birmingham
Telephone: 0121 444 1110

CPHT Belfast

Contact: Alex Brounger
Location: Belfast
Telephone: 07917 415 926

CPHT Birmingham

Contact: Gary Johannes
Location: Birmingham
Telephone: 07780 592625

CPHT Brighton

Contact: Brian Noon
Location: Brighton
Telephone: 07557 157084

CPHT Bristol

Contact: Susan Rodrigues
Location:  Bristol
Telephone: 0117 317 9278

CPHT Cardiff

Contact: Susan Rodrigues
Location: Cardiff
Telephone: 0117 317 9278  or 0774 389 5513

CPHT Edinburgh

Contact: Alex Brounger
Location: Edinburgh
Telephone: 07917 415926

CPHT Glasgow

Contact: Alex Brounger
Location: Glasgow
Telephone: 07917 415926

CPHT Essex

Contact: Ali Hollands or Gary Johannes
Location: Essex
Telephone: 07957 573681
or 07780 592625

CPHT Hampshire

Contact: Lisa Williams
Location: Southampton
Telephone: 07920 147 101


Contact: Gary Johannes and Ali Hollands
Location: Aylesford
Telephone: 07957 573681

CPHT Leeds

Contact: Jenny Mellenchip
Location: Leeds
Telephone: 07748 511841

CPHT Liverpool

Contact: Catherine Eland
Location: Liverpool
Telephone: 07825 047849

CPHT Chester

Contact: Catherine Eland
Location: Chester
Telephone: 07825 047849


Contact: Catherine Eland
Location: York
Telephone: 07825 047849

CPHT London

Contact: Matthew Cahill
Location: Moorgate
Telephone: 0207 1250 810

CPHT Manchester

Contact: Jane Fox or Debbie Daltrey
Location: Cheadle
Telephone: 07870 882234 or 07724 855395

CPHT Preston

Contact: Catherine Eland
Location: Preston
Telephone: 07825 047849

CPHT Surrey

Contact: Holly Stone
Location: Guildford
Telephone: 01403 786382 or 07909 951 338

CPHT Newcastle

Contact: Cathy Cartwright or Jackie McCormick
Location: Gateshead
Telephone: 07716 145 122 or 07768 156 225

CPHT Nottingham

Contact: Gary Johannes
Location: Nottingham
Telephone:  07780 592625

CPHT Oxford

Contact: Alison Jones
Location: Abingdon
Telephone: 07730 747772

CPHT Peterborough

Contact: Gary Johannes
Location: Peterborough
Telephone: 01733 459 986

CPHT Plymouth

Contact: Matthew Cahill
Location: Plymouth
Telephone: 01752 254042

CPHT Sheffield

Contact: Debbie Daltrey or Jane Fox
Location: Sheffield
Telephone: 07724 855395 or 07870 882234

CPHT St Albans

Contact: Gary Johannes or Ali Hollands
Location: St Albans
Telephone: 07780 592625 or 07957 573681

CPHT Stockton on Tees

Contact: John Lowson
Location: Stockton on Tees
Telephone: 07532 719402

Fylde Academy of Hypnotherapy

Contact: Lauren Kolb
Location: Lancashire
Telephone: 01772 977899

Hypno TC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company

Contact: Dr Kate Beaven-Marks
Location: London
Telephone: 03301 332 943

Quest Institute

Contact: Rebecca Silvester
Location: London
Telephone: 0333 6000 350

Life Clinics Training

Contact: Marcia Tillman
Location: Kent
Telephone: 07739 263771

National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Contact: Stuart Cale
Location: London, Manchester, Oxford
Telephone: 0333 577 3551

North Wales Hypnotherapy Academy

Contact: Meirion Ellis
Location: Wrexham and Oswestry
Telephone: 01691 333 321

Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training

Contact: Rae Jenson
Location: By Linlithgow, West Lothian in Central Scotland
Telephone: 01506 830 190

Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Contact: James Golding MNCH (Acc.)
Location: West Byfleet Surrey
Telephone: 01932 341055

TAG Academy (part of the Training Alliance Group)

Contact: Robert Russell
Location: London, Milton Keynes, Brighton, Essex
Telephone: 020 7175 7275

The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Contact: Mark Davis
Location: London
Telephone: 0207 112 9040

Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis Ltd

Contact: Carole Wan MNCH (Acc) & Alan Cooper
Location: Sheffield, Chesterfield
Telephone: 01246 416544

UK Academy Scotland

Contact: Heather Hutchison
Location: Scotland
Telephone: 07787 807609

UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences

Contact: Hilary Norris Evans
Location: Bath/ Bristol
Telephone: 07887714892