⭐ – Certificate in Inner Child Hypnosis

CPD Event title: Certificate in Inner Child Hypnosis

Brief Description Of Event: The Inner Child concept was developed by psychiatrist, Eric Berne, and provides a way of working with clients which allows you to help them work through past trauma and move forwards in their lives. When we have experienced trauma, we may be carrying around a wounded child within us. By responding to the needs of this inner child, we can ensure that we stay in our adult state when we need to and can respond to people and situations in a more empowered and in control manner. This course uses guided meditations and exercises, such as writing to and from your inner child, to encourage you to access your own inner child and to provide you with resources for use with a client’s inner child. You will be provided with all the scripts, client handouts and resources necessary to use this approach confidently.
This course has been developed by Dr. Claire Jack, an experienced hypnotherapist with a background in academic teaching and research. Claire regularly writes for Psychology Today as one of their in-house experts and has been featured in Psychologies Magazine.

Learning Objectives: During this course you will learn how to:
Confidently and ethically work with a client’s inner child Assess whether the inner child approach is suitable for your client Understand the theoretical background to inner chid work Develop a protocol for working with a client’s inner child Prepare your client to meet their inner child Help your client strengthen connections with their inner child Take your client through emotional stages of connection Reparent your client’s inner child Create and use an NLP anchor Provide your clients with inner child resources and recordings

Course Structure: Learn at your own pace as you work through a combination of written material, recordings and PowerPoint video presentations.
Upon completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Graduation.
Here’s what a previous student has to say: As with all Claire’s courses I got the theory, the evidence base, explanations, practical examples and actual tools I could use in my work. The concept was explained very clearly but I particularly liked the fact that the ‘how to use it’ and the ‘who to use it with’ were explained in detail. I have read about inner child work previously but felt this course really enhanced my knowledge and made it easy for me to actually use and include in my work. I’ve used the scripts included in the course and feel the course is a must for any hypnotherapist no matter their experience. Irene Irving, Hypnotherapist and Bowen Practitioner, Catrine, Scotland

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Name of trainer: Dr. Claire Jack

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Cost of Course: £95

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