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CPD Event title: Professional Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner

Brief Description Of Event: This course takes you through all the steps involved in setting up a virtual gastric bands. Virtual gastric bands have taken off in recent years and provide a safe, cost effective alternative to surgical gastric bands. During this course you’ll learn how to confidently fit a virtual gastric band with your clients, including engaging all their senses by creating a hospital-like environment using the power of the mind.

This course will show you how to market your service in order to attract clients who are really motivated to become fitter and lose weight. There’s never been a better time to train as a virtual gastric band practitioner and creating a weight loss programme around your gastric band will help you help your clients achieve their desired results. Receive all the scripts, client resources and session structure you require to establish yourself as a Professional Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner.
Claire Jack, Ph.D. is a successful hypnotherapist with a background in academic teaching and research. She writes regularly for Psychology Today as one of their in-house experts and has been featured in Psychologies Magazine.

Learning Objectives: During this course you will learn:
How a physical gastric band works How a hypnosis gastric band works Conducting your initial consultation Explaining hypnosis gastric band to clients Marketing your gastric band service Creating a comprehensive gastric band package Providing lifestyle information Using food diaries Gastric band preparation Fitting the band Utilising all the senses Readjusting the band Ensuring success

Course Structure: This course covers everything you need to know to fit a gastric band with your client. The first part of the course explores what a hypnosis gastric band is and how it can be effective with your client.
We then cover how to successfully fit a gastric band and market your service to your clients.
Scripts and client handouts are provided in PDF format towards the end of the course. PowerPoint presentation videos accompany the written element of the course.
On completion of this course, you will receive your Certificate of Completion for display and marketing purposes.

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Duration of Event: days

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Name of trainer: Dr. Claire Jack

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Email bookings: info@academyinnermind.co.uk

Website: academy-of-the-inner-mind.teachable.com/p/professional-hypnosis-gastric-band-practitioner

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Cost of Course: £95

Cost for NCH members: £69

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