⭐ – Understanding Autism, making your practice autism friendly

CPD Event title: Understanding Autism, making your practice autism friendly

Brief Description Of Event: Around 700,000 people in the UK may be autistic, or more than 1% of the population, so it’ s quite likely that some of the clients who present to your practice are on the autistic spectrum. You may not necessarily be working with them for issues directly connected to their autism, but the condition is inevitably part of their personality and how they respond to the world.
This course looks at wider issues around autism rather than specific therapeutic approaches, so is suitable no matter what your theoretical approach. It will help you adapt the way you run your practice to make your services as accessible as possible to those on the spectrum.
It is written by a mother and daughter team. Debbie Waller is an experienced therapist, writer and trainer. Rachel Waller, also an experienced author, is on the Autistic spectrum herself. They have put together this course for therapists and others who provide services to those with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) to help you understand the challenges they face and to provide them with the support they need.

Learning Objectives: The course covers:
What is autism? The triad of impairments Wider aspects of autism How autism affects daily life Tips for making your practice autism-friendly

Course Structure: The workbook includes suggestions for independent study and links out to additional information and ideas.
Essentially you read through the notes, carry out the set tasks and return your workbook to us for feedback. A certificate will be emailed to you on satisfactory completion.

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