⭐ – Certificate in NLP-Hypnotherapy

CPD Event title: Certificate in NLP-Hypnotherapy

Brief Description Of Event: Neuro Linguistic Programming provides a highly effective way of working with clients and can produce rapid transformation in as little as one or two sessions. Combined with hypnosis, it allows you to work at a deep level with clients with issues including confidence, phobias, behavioural issues, anxiety and procrastination. NLP can be difficult to understand and this course removes the jargon and provides you with real life video demonstrations to ensure you’re confident in applying the techniques. Within this course, you’ll learn how to work with parts integration, which is often offered as a separate course. This course has been developed by Dr. Claire Jack, an experienced hypnotherapist and life coach who is one of Psychology Today’s panel of experts.

Learning Objectives: What is NLP?
Subjective view of the world
Cause and effect
Representations are not “real”
History of NLP
When to use NLP
Meta questioning
Milton questioning
Pseudo orientation
Parts integration

Course Structure: This online course combines written materials with PowerPoint presentations and real life video examples. You will receive scripts and protocols. You are also encouraged to complete an assignment (submission is optional).

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Name of trainer: Claire Jack, Ph.D.

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Website: academy-of-the-inner-mind.teachable.com/p/certificate-in-nlp-hypnotherapy

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Cost of Course: £95

Cost for NCH members: £79

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