Summer 2019 Journal

In this Edition: Summer 2019 Journal

  • Editorial
  • View from the Chair
  • An Introduction to Energising Meditation
  • Our Recent HPD Graduates
  • The Business of Therapy
  • Script Library: Absorb the Knowledge of Sleep
  • Is Your Confidence Working for You or Against You?
  • NCH 2019 Conference Photos
  • We Know Words Are Powerful, So How Do¬†You Use Them to Market Yourself?
  • Our First CPD Day for Supervisors
  • Are Your Clients Suffering from PTSD from a Past Relationship?
  • Conducting Hypnotherapy Research: Getting Started
  • Exposing the Shame that Hides You
  • NCH Supervisors
  • Coffee Break Fiction: ‘The Last Therapy Session’
  • Meet Our NCH Finance Director

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