CPD Courses

This diary lists Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events of potential interest to NCH members. Entries with a ‘⭐’ offer NCH members a discount on their regular price, so if you are not yet an NCH member, join now and start saving on your CPD.

Please note that the NCH does not specifically endorse any training listed here and reminds members that they are solely responsible for determining whether a course is suitable for their personal development needs and that they may choose CPDs from any source. To book a place on a CPD course, please contact the event organiser directly.

If you are a course provider, please submit your CPD event to our diary.

⭐ Online – HypnoIBS™

Venue: Description: HypnoIBS provides you will a comprehensive training package, resources, trademarked product and protocols for working with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). IBS is a condition which affects the gut and causes a range of symptoms including discomfort, bloating, constipation and/ or diarrhoea and an incomplete feeling of emptying the bowels after going to the…

⭐ Online – Inner Child Hypnosis

Venue: Description: The ‘inner child’ is a concept used in Transactional Analysis to describe the ways in which adults sometimes operate from their ‘child state’, responding to situations in ways which may have unhelpful consequences. If a person has experienced hurt and trauma as a child, they may find it difficult to develop and move…

⭐ Online – KidsMatters™ Online

Venue: Description: Children respond amazingly well to hypnotherapy, and there is a huge and growing demand for suitably qualified hypnotherapists. Working effectively with children requires a very different skillset, and practitioners need to ensure they are working ethically and legally with their younger clients. KidsMatters provides you with comprehensive training and with a range of…

⭐ Online – Persona Therapy – Online Diploma Certificate

Venue: Description: Persona Therapy is an advanced form of Parts Therapy. It has become a popular option for therapists seeking to expand their therapeutic repertoire. This approach differs from other ‘parts-based’ therapies in the emphasis that is put on allowing the client to develop their own ‘personae list’. True to the ‘Eriksonian Principle of Utilisation’,…

⭐ Online – Certificate in CBT-Hypnotherapy

Venue: Description: CBT has a well proven record as a therapeutic approach which tackles distorted thinking patterns and reframes client experience, with the support of clearly defined behavioural goals. CBT is the perfect partner for hypnotherapy, which allows clients to experience changes in a deeply realistic, whilst controlling bodily reactions and challenging negative thoughts.

⭐ Online – Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Depression

Venue: Description: Hypnotherapy has an effective track record in helping people to deal with depression. Because depression is a very physical, as well as mental, illness, hypnotherapy can help increase and improve mind-body awareness. Solution focused and CBT approaches are combined with mindfulness to reframe distorted thinking and help depressed clients manage their condition. Learning…

⭐ Online: Gil Boyne Masterclass

Available from your computer, 24x7x365, Gil Boyne Online is part of Gil’s legacy of valuable teaching material, and is a fantastic resource for hypnotherapists of all levels, but especially for those who missed the opportunity to see Gil at work while he was alive.

Online – The Science of Hypnotherapy

Venue: Description: A Facebook page for academics, practitioners and patients, disseminating research into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. The advent of brain imaging technologies has seen an explosion of interest into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for a wide range of psychological and physical conditions, making it an exciting time to be involved in hypnotherapy. The Science…