Upgrading Student to Full Member

Please first check that you meet the criteria required for a student to upgrade

To start the upgrade process, simply order a ‘REQUEST UPGRADE to Full Membership’ from the ‘Add/Renew Subscription‘ page of your account.

If you do not have the HPD, please send the following information to support your upgrade:

  1. Copy of qualification certificates
  2. Copy of current insurance certificate
  3. Names and contact details of two referees, one of which should be a fellow therapist or trainer

You can scan and email your documentation to the NCH Administrator.

All candidates must also provide their Supervisors Name (must be NCH Supervisor) and details of your supervision arrangement (frequency of supervision, whether individual or group etc etc ). The simplest way to do this is to add this information to your online NCH profile.

Please note that your upgrade cannot be processed until the required information has been submitted.

As soon as we notify you that your upgrade has been authorised, you can log back in to your NCH account and order your Full membership from the ‘Add/Renew Subscription‘ page of your account.

Once your upgrade has been completed, you can download your membership certificate, and your details will be passed to CNHC once you have submitted the CNHC request form . They will then send you an email invitation to join CNHC.

Remember to update your practice listing in the members area, when you are happy with it, change the status at the top of the page from “draft” to “publish”, to have your details uploaded to the practitioners database.