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Nearest NCH Registered Hypnotherapists to Bracknell

  • Michael Cohen, MNCH (Acc.)

    Michael Cohen, MNCH (Acc.)

    Effective and practical Hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues based in Sutton Surrey and Kingston Upon Thames. I have 30 years experience in assisting people… View full profile »
    Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 6ND (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Carolyne Brazier, MNCH (Reg.)

    Carolyne Brazier, MNCH (Reg.)

    I’m Carolyne Ash-Brazier, offering Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and children’s Therapy since 1999. I work from Kingston, Surrey and easily accessible… View full profile »
    Kingston, KT2 6QF (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Edna Dumas, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Edna Dumas, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    I’m Edna, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP (Master Practitioner) and Life Coach. Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, performance issues, lack of… View full profile »
    Richmond (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Giselle Monbiot, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Giselle Monbiot, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    I offer a compassionate and successful practice. I create each session for my client's individual needs. Permanent change could be easier and quicker than you… View full profile »
    Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 6QF (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Catherine Kell, MNCH (Reg.)

    Catherine Kell, MNCH (Reg.)

    I am a Child Therapist based in Surbiton (covering South West London and Surrey areas) and offer Paediatric Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness sessions for… View full profile »
    Surbiton, KT6 6EZ (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Brooke Hender, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Brooke Hender, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    I'm based in the Richmond/Twickenham area and as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can work together to make the… View full profile »
    Richmond, TW9 2RG (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Julie de Burgh, MNCH (Acc.)

    Julie de Burgh, MNCH (Acc.)

    In my 30 years as a hypnotherapist I have sought out the best and most empowering techniques to help clients make the life changes they want. I believe that … View full profile »
    West Ealing, W13 8LE (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Lesley Mccall, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Lesley Mccall, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    I work in Surrey ( Farnham and Hindhead). Appointment times 9am to 8pm Mon-Sat . The majority of clients I see come to me for help with anxiety and associated… View full profile »
    Farnham, GU9 7RD (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Daniela Marinova, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Daniela Marinova, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Providing help to people who want to change some aspect of their life, health or wellbeing using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. I can help you… View full profile »
    Richmond Upon Thames, TW9 2JN (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Jo Simons, MNCH (Acc.), HPD

    Jo Simons, MNCH (Acc.), HPD

    Banish your fears, improve your confidence, reduce anxiety, lose weight, sleep bettter. My aim is to help you optimise your health and well-being and I also… View full profile »
    Ealing, W5 5HT (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Michael Houlihan, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Michael Houlihan, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    My name is Michael Houlihan. I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist. My consultation rooms are in Hanwell and Ealing. Do you need to change something about… View full profile »
    Ealing, London, W5 5ES (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Rudiger Dorenbeck-Werth, MNCH (Reg.)

    Rudiger Dorenbeck-Werth, MNCH (Reg.)

    I am here to enable you to use the power of your mind to live the life that you desire … View full profile »
    Ealing, W5 5ES (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Annette Larner, MNCH (Reg.)

    Annette Larner, MNCH (Reg.)

    At AnnetteLarnerClinics I specialise in weight loss, stress, anxiety, Sports performance including depression amongst sports professionals and athletes.… View full profile »
    Rickmansworth, WD3 4HG (under 20 miles from Bracknell)
  • Kasem Chouja, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Kasem Chouja, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Hypnotherapy in Harrow specialises in techniques that reduce stress, allowing you to free your mind so you can arrive at solutions to a great variety of… View full profile »
    Harrow, HA1 4EB (under 21 miles from Bracknell)
  • Penny Rattle, MNCH (Acc.), HPD

    Penny Rattle, MNCH (Acc.), HPD

    Penny is a warm, caring and approachable therapist who uses a wide range of techniques. She uses Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT to help people gain a happier, more… View full profile »
    West Ewell, Epsom, KT19 9LZ (under 21 miles from Bracknell)
  • Kim Searle, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Kim Searle, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Hi! My name is Kim and I he author of the upcoming book Midlife is NOT a Crisis, Rediscover your Drive and Reclaim Your Happiness. I have worked for many… View full profile »
    Basingstoke, RG22 5UQ (under 21 miles from Bracknell)
  • Kathryn Eales, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Kathryn Eales, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    I practise Cognitive Hypnotherapy, a powerful modern approach to hypnotherapy that can help you to let go of problems once and for all by guiding you to address… View full profile »
    Ashtead, KT21 1AW (under 21 miles from Bracknell)
  • Christine Wells, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Christine Wells, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Are You in Control of Your Life Or is Something Else in Control of You? We are all in partnership with life, but sometimes we may not feel as if we are. I am… View full profile »
    Lindford, GU35 0RT (under 21 miles from Bracknell)
  • Richard Mark, MNCH (Reg.)

    Richard Mark, MNCH (Reg.)

    No Overview Available
    View full profile »
    London, W3 6BA (under 21 miles from Bracknell)
  • Kathryn Dombrowicz, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    Kathryn Dombrowicz, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

    I have gained experience over many years whilst working in specialist centres supporting adults and young people with difficulties such as depression, anxiety,… View full profile »
    London, SW14 8QR (under 21 miles from Bracknell)