Kim Searle, MNCH (Reg.), HPD

National Council for Hypnotherapy Registered Hypnotherapist

Kim Searle 
9, Yellowhammer Road 
RG22 5UQ 
United Kingdom

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Phone:    07843271249
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Kim Searle


Hi! My name is Kim and I he author of the upcoming book Midlife is NOT a Crisis, Rediscover your Drive and Reclaim Your Happiness.

I have worked for many years of experience helping people through tough times both formally and informally - check out my You Tube video talking about my change workshops here -
As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I work with many of the typical issues you would expect, but in particular I love working with people who are experiencing Confidence, Stress and/or Anxiety issues, and watching them change. I used to be very stressed and was a term I used as anxiety was not in my language.

Looking back, I have found that these issues were really invasive, and when left unchecked, become debilitating, holding me back, causing poor health, dragging me down.

It was only when I saw my own hypnotherapist (Carole Samuda), that I made the real progress I needed to.

When life throws us a curve ball, most of us can handle it with relative ease. It only becomes a problem when it is combined with a succession of other events, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, a bit like a full glass of water, where one more drop and the water flows over.

Within just a few sessions, I aim to help my clients begin to notice a positive difference, and for some clients, that change is enough. For others, they progress onto coaching, allowing them to move their lives on the way they want.
I love seeing the progress a client makes pretty much from the first session, and it can be very satisfying when you see a new client who has come recommended.

I charge £600 for 4 sessions booked and paid for upfront or £1200 for a breakthrough day - great for the time limited person!

Expensive? How much is the challenge you are facing costing you in time, health and maybe even money? What would you pay to feel calmer, more in control and making the right changes in your life?

If you are are looking at hypnotherapy and are unsure whether it is for you, why not drop me an email or give me call, a chat costs nothing, and could save you much.

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  • Breaking Unwanted Habits
  • Emotional Issues
  • Performance (Sports, Memory etc)
  • Phobias & Compulsions
  • Stress & Anxiety

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