Katrina Gazzard, MNCH (Reg.)

National Council for Hypnotherapy Registered Hypnotherapist

Trina Gazzard Hypnotherapy 
31 Heron Gardens 
North Somerset 
BS20 7DH 
United Kingdom

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Phone:    01275 316655
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Katrina Gazzard


I am an experienced hypnotherapist and psychotherapist with over ten years’ experience working in the mental health field (The Priory Hospital and for local governments).

In my Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy practice, I work with clients from all walks of life who no longer want to be the way they are or to continue to live the way they're living. They need a boost or just help supporting them to get back on track, on to a pathway that feels right for them. Hypnotherapy can be transforming and help clients to realise new perspectives and horizons.

Over the years I have learnt that anything is possible and that the only limitations in life are the limitations that we put on ourselves. I discovered that thinking in a different way could reduce pain, enhance day-to-day living and help clients in a relatively quick way, whilst sustaining incredible results and a positive change of direction. Hypnotherapy can help in ways that I'd not even realised possible.

My aim is to give those I work with, the space, support, and understanding, to be more of who they truly are.

Any questions feel free to call or message me. I understand that taking the first step to speak with a therapist can feel overwhelming, however, I can assure you that your query will be dealt with in a sensitive and professional manner.

My goal is to help you overcome any issues you have. I have a passion to help my clients reach their full potential.

I am a NCH registered hypnotherapist and psychotherapist providing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for individuals. With over ten years’ experience working in the mental health field I have a wide range of experience in:
• Comfort eating, control over negative habits or addictions.
• General anxiety, depression.
• Sports motivation.
• Work-related issues
• Sleep problems
• Chronic Pain
• OCD, obsessive thoughts, feelings or emotions.
• Stress.
• Lack of confidence, fear of socialising.
• Panic attacks and phobias.
• Exam nerves, fear of failure.
• Sexual issues, including vaginismus (painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina) and erectile dysfunction.
• Stop smoking - permanently.
• Promote relaxation.
• Improve sleep.
• Eating disorders
• Addictions
• Weight management

My experience includes;

- The Priory Hospital, Bristol.

I worked to help patients gain control of their addiction(s) on the Addiction Treatment Programme. Addiction is often a cluster of addictions. For example alcohol, exercise and bulimia are often habits that go together. I work to help clients manage their compulsions and respond in a better way. I also worked within the Eating Disorder unit, looking at control, control around food and sense of self worth. Supporting patients to achieve their goals in a healthy, proactive way. I also ran groups within the general psychiatric unit on depression and anxiety, also assertiveness training. I remain incredibly passionate about supporting my clients to move forward making their own choice and changes a reality. I also counselled out-patients for 1:1 sessions for addiction, work related stress, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and with sleep hygiene.

-South Glos Youth Offending Service. Working as a psychotherapist and as a Drug & Alcohol Specialist     Practitioner with young people.

-South Glos Council. Working in schools with young people to support them to facilitate change.

-Bristol City Council. Working with Children in residential care, looked after children.

-ARA. Helping clients with addictions.
-The Swan Project.
-Dementia Care Trust.

Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Qualified Psychotherapist of 10 years.


  • Addictive Behaviours

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