Professional Discussion

Individual Portfolio Route to the HPD using the Professional Discussion/Viva Model

The NCH are proud to offer this dynamic way to obtain the HPD. The professional discussion/viva model offers the candidate an alternative method in the way their evidence is presented against the learning outcomes.

Rather than writing up a lengthy written document, the candidate prepares to attend a meeting (either in person or via skype) with the assessor to discuss and reflect on how and what they know and how they practice against the learning outcomes. The tutor/assessor will guide you on how to do this.

This is clearly attractive to candidates in that the HPD, to a large extent, will “fall out” of their everyday practice. The whole process is much more rewarding than spending disproportionate amounts of time on writing lengthy repetitive answers.

This model enables those candidates to achieve the same standard via a different route.

In summary the professional discussion model of assessment for the HPD provides:

  • A structured interview with the candidate against the standards
  • An opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate the learning outcomes through exploration, discussion and probing of practice and underpinning knowledge and principles
  • A naturally flowing discussion rather than just a question and answer session
  • A flexible way for candidates to evidence the learning outcomes
  • An opportunity to use recorded evidence

If you are an experienced and trained hypnotherapist, this is the most cost and time effective way to obtain the HPD!

For further information please contact the Training and Accreditation Officer.

To get started: Simply apply for full membership of the NCH and then select the HPD Professional Discussion Route option.