It’s time to quit smoking with hypnotherapy

Passive SmokingNow, more than ever, smoking is becoming a social no-no and those wishing to quit need only turn to hypnotherapy to quit their smoking habit. It has a high success rate, far ahead of other aids like nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes.
Places where people can smoke are becoming more limited with a ban on smoking in cars carrying children in England due come into force before the next general election, which is due in 2015.
This month cabinet ministers suggested legislation could be introduced in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech. And while there are details to be finalised, those who flout the ban could face fines and points on their licences.
The House of Commons vote – passed by 376 votes to 107 – gave ministers in England and Wales the power to bring in a ban – but does not compel them to do so. The Welsh government must now decide if they want to make smoking in cars carrying children illegal in Wales.
Reacting to the news, the British Medical Association which has campaigned for a ban since 2011, said the vote was an ‘important step forward in reducing tobacco harm’ while D Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, said the introduction of a law that ‘would help prevent hundreds of thousands of children from being exposed to second-hand smoke in the car is now within reach’.
Many smokers find their addiction is hard to break, despite a desire to quit.
But the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), with over 1,800 registered therapists on its directory, says this physical addiction to cigarettes can be over after just one week. Research has shown that by quitting smoking with hypnosis a person is three times more likely to give up than if nicotine patches were used.
Imagine how your different your life would be if you stopped smoking, what you would gain.
Remember, research has further shown that smoke can stay in the air for up to two and a half hours even with a window open and second-hand smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer.
Exposure to second-hand smoke has been strongly linked to chest infections, asthma, ear problems and cot death in children and research indicates 300,000 children in the UK visit a GP each year because of the effects of second-hand smoke, with 9,500 going to hospital.
Another frightening statistic is that smoking in a car creates a higher concentration of toxins than in a bar – some research has put it at 11 times higher.
So, if your desire to stop smoking is strong, get hold of a registered hypnotherapist in your area by checking the NCH directory here and take the first step to being smoke free!