Hypnotherapy can help dads with postnatal depression

depressionisrealAccording to studies in postnatal depression (PND), the condition affects between 10-70 per cent of mothers and there has been increasing evidence of the impact a mother’s mental health can have, not only on her infant but on also on her partner.

Fathers are admitting to the difficulties they can encounter when the mother suffers from postnatal depression.

Research into the causes and effect has escalated during the past 10 years with a clear recognition of the importance of early detection and treatment in terms of improving cognitive and physical development.

The physiological impact of pregnancy and childbirth is often discussed between health professionals and mother but men are not always included in the discussions about maternal mental health or the possibility of a depressive disorder occurring during the perinatal period.

As a result, fathers often feel ‘disenfranchised’ by their lack of knowledge or new information during the antenatal period, and are often worried by their perceived affect of the pregnancy and impending birth on their relationship.One study found that men who were worried by the effects of the pregnancy had continued problems with their role as a parent and partner.

But a professional hypnotherapist, who is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and who has experience of working with people to overcome depression, can help the father to understand the impact of what has happened and to focus on the present to alleviate the depression.

In the main NCH members would treat mild and moderate depression with hypnotherapy. Some have specialist training and will work with severe, clinical and bi-polar depression if it is within their sphere of competence.

Becoming a father can be difficult to cope with and some men feel they have nowhere to turn for support. Dad Info looks at post-natal depression in fathers and, according to recent research, about 10 per cent of new fathers become depressed after the birth of their child – more than twice the average for depression among men in general.

Postnatal depression is essentially another form of clinical depression, brought on by having a new baby. And this is caused by undue feelings of stress and anxiety.

As a major part of a hypnotherapist’s work is helping the client cope with a variety of stress and anxiety, the hypnotherapist can assess the stress and anxiety, identifying the root of the anxiety and then set the client a goal. After this, they will then work with the client to reach that goal using a range of different techniques. Every therapist may use slightly different techniques, but all will be working towards the same goal.

Studies show that postnatal depression in men is more common among those who have been diagnosed with depression before, or whose partners are also suffering from postnatal depression. And it’s more common in first-time fathers.

Having a new baby is a huge change, involving physical exhaustion and extra worries. If you’re a new dad and are feeling depressed, click here to find an NCH hypnotherapist near you and start your path to feeling better and enjoying your family.