Hypnotherapy can beat weight woes

A recent study has revealed the disturbing statistic that British girls are the fattest in Europe with almost a third overweight or obese. UK girls under 20 top a league table of 22 nations in Western Europe, with 29.2 per cent being overweight and obese. 

obese Of those, 8 per cent of the girls meet the clinical definition of obesity, having a Body Mass Index of 30 or above.

And it does not get better with age. Older British women are also battling the pounds with 57 per cent classified as fat – third highest after Iceland and Malta. Just before the males think they are in better shape, the study further showed that about 26 per cent of British boys under 20 are overweight and obese, ranking at number 10 on the scale. The report from the US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, published in The Lancet, says there has been an increase in obese children in developed countries.

What causes us to over eat, lose control of our diet and binge? Is it stress, is it peer pressure?

John Newton, chief knowledge officer at the government agency Public Health England, said that the ‘worrying’ prevalence of obesity among British girls was partly due to peer pressure to eat fast food.

He told The Times: “We have to look at the environment in which people are living, and the constant pressure to eat unhealthy food means things are particularly a problem for girls more than boys.”

While many diets have failed, hypnotherapy has a proven track record in helping people control their eating and weight.

The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) is the UK’s leading not-for-profit professional hypnotherapy association which represents over 1,800 qualified hypnotherapists. Its members are trained and experienced in dealing with weight management issues.

Managing weight loss is one of the most effective results of hypnotherapy. Rather than just reducing calories that someone is likely to put on again in the longer term, hypnosis gets the client in touch with the reasons they unconsciously eat.

If you are the type of person that struggles to stop after a small piece of chocolate and feels compelled to finish the packet then a hypnotherapist can help you understand why and help you create new healthy self-management techniques. Losing weight with hypnosis is essentially about teaching you to feel good about yourself, whatever size you are. It focuses on making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle.

If you do not want to become one of the UK’s obesity statistics or if you want to leave that list, look for a hypnotherapist near you by using the NCH’s directory and you could make changes which will stay with you for the rest of your life.