Hypnotherapy can help teens beat stress and anxiety

More than one in 10 young people often feel too anxious to leave the house, according to a new Prince’s Trust report and the report also found unemployed young people were more than twice as likely to feel that way. teen stress

According to the BBC, the annual Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index surveyed 2,265 people aged between16-25 and found 13 per cent often felt too anxious to go outside. The report also found unemployed young people were more than twice as likely to feel that way.

The BBC’s Newsbeat spoke to one teen who said he’s had anxiety ‘no matter what issues have been in my life’ and that it has stopped him doing ‘normal things’ like socialising.

“I want to do all those things but something in the back of my mind can make this not possible,” he said.

And the website WindDown, formed to offer a unique reference point on coping with stress, says in recent years the levels of stress reported as being suffered by teenagers has risen dramatically in relation to changes in our society, in our schools and in our homes. Part if this is due to of changes in the curriculum being taught in schools and colleges. There is now more emphasis on the importance of examination results and entering college and university. Teenagers report this to be one of the most common contributing factors to their stress.

Bullying in schools is also a high factor in teenage stress. For one reason or another a child can be bullied at school because they are quiet or shy, perhaps don’t wish to do what others around them do or indeed – as difficult to believe as it is – because they want to simply get on with their study and do well.

Hypnotherapists registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) are trained in helping people deal with stress and anxiety.

The NCH says anxiety can manifest itself in many ways and it is a fear or concern that is exaggerated out of proportion. The symptoms of anxiety correlate with the stress response or ‘fight-or-flight’.

This is primal response that protects you against threats in your environment, so if danger is present your body triggers a rush of blood to your arms and legs so that you can fight or run away.

A hypnotherapist can help assess a teenager asses their anxiety, identifying the root of stress or anxiety whether it is a situation, a physical issue, a past experience or a relationship. The therapist will the set the teen a goal asking how they wish to feel, how they would like to be, and things that they would chose to do if free of anxiety.

Then the therapist and the tee will work to reach these goals using a range of different techniques. Every therapist may use slightly different techniques, but working towards the same goal.

After sessions with a hypnotherapist the teen may feel more confident; more relaxed in situations that have previously been challenging.

If you are in this situation, know or have a teenager who is ‘stressed out’, then contact an NCH hypnotherapist by using their directory (click here).