Defeat your public speaking fears

There has been extensive news coverage about impending television debates as the UK elections draw closer but, it appears, none of the political leaders are stressed at the thought of speaking in public. But many seasoned public speakers also have anxiety worries before a major event. publicspeaking

The fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, is one of the most commonly reported social fears. According to the Wall Street Journal, speaking in public is the number one fear in the United States of America, with the fear of death ranked second.

While some people may feel nervous about giving a speech or presentation, even seasoned speakers can often suffer from extreme physical symptoms during a performance such as shaking, blushing, a pounding heart, quivering voice, and shortness of breath.

While there are many tips and pearls of wisdom regarding public speaking confidence, hypnotherapy is a proven way to conquer this phobia. With more than 1,800 qualified therapists on its register, the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) is well placed to help people beat this worry and gain important self confidence.

Hypnotherapy for confidence helps people challenge negative thought processes and limiting beliefs. A few sessions with a therapist can eliminate self doubt allowing the client to develop a more positive future, improved self image and confidence.

A lack of confidence can be rooted in negative experiences as a child or teenager, or significant difficult events in adult life. But through hypnotherapy, a solution to these negative feelings can be found and allow the client to see that phobia in a different context starting from an objective perspective.

Using hypnosis this can be done rapidly as the unconscious is able to process information more effectively without the interference of the critical mind. This is a known as desensitisation. Each hypnotherapist may use a slightly different approach to treating phobias depending on when the phobia first started, how it is seen by the client and how receptive the client is to change.

Remember a phobia is a fear without good reason, or a fear of something that may not happen. Fear of public speaking may interfere with a person’s life even causing someone to change careers to avoid oral presentation and public speaking obligations.

However, public speaking phobias are relatively easily managed using short-term treatment methods. After sessions with a hypnotherapist a person may feel more confident; more relaxed in situations that have previously been challenging or caused anxiety.

Many people say that they are calmer and that they have more clarity of thought – able to make decisions more easily. Some say they are sleeping much better and as a result are able to work more effectively.

So, take control and arrange to see a hypnotherapist by usi9ng the NCH directory and look forward to a life filled with self confidence.