Can hypnotherapy boost your fertility?

There are several factors which affect fertility and a recent Canadian study has shown that weight loss can boost a man’s sperm. Added to this are other factors like smoking, alcohol, stress and anxiety – all of which have shown to have an adverse affect on fertility. pregnant
However hypnotherapy has a proven track record in effective weight control, treating stress and anxiety, smoking cessation and in cutting down on alcohol usage. So, effectively, hypnotherapy can help boost one’s fertility.
According to the BBC, a team at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada has conducted the first study to help men lose weight to see if it improved the chances of conception.
Experts said the approaches were interesting alternatives to IVF and were opening up ‘real possibilities’ for men.
Weight loss is already widely advised for women struggling to conceive and obesity has long been suspected as a factor in male infertility.
In 65 couples who had been referred to a fertility clinic, the men were sent to weekly group sessions on nutrition and physical activity for a year. The study showed the men who conceived were those who had lost the most weight.
One of the researchers, Dr Jean-Patrice Baillargeon, said: “This is the first prospective study suggesting that male partners who improve their weight also increase the odds for the couple to conceive.”
He believes obesity could directly affect the sperm count, but may also affect the quality of sperm by subtly altering the DNA.
And he added that both men and women should be encouraged to lose weight if they were trying for a baby.
Studies have also shown that women who smoke take longer to conceive. Research has found that the toxic chemicals in cigarettes can damage the lining of the fallopian tubes, which help transport the egg from the ovary to the womb, the BBC reported.
Partners of men who smoke also have a reduced chance of conceiving as smoking can decrease the amount of sperm produced and their motility.
It is also known that alcohol can reduce fertility in both men and women. It is not yet understood exactly how alcohol affects fertility but studies have shown drinking alcohol reduces the chances of a woman conceiving. In men, heavy drinking may affect sperm quality which can impact on chances of a successful pregnancy.
Then there is stress. Worry and tension can cause hormonal changes in the body, which can lead to fertility problems.
The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), with around 1800 qualified therapists around the UK on its register, can help people increase their chances of fertility by treating these problems.
Managing weight loss is one of the most effective results of hypnotherapy, says the NCH. Rather than just reducing calories that people are likely to put on again in the longer term, hypnosis gets people in touch with the reasons why they unconsciously eat.
The therapist will help the client reduce portion sizes to lose weight healthily, steadily and for the long term. The weight loss management will focus on making healthy changes to diet and lifestyle that will be lifelong.
Hypnotherapy works well with problem behaviours like smoking and alcohol abuse. It has been shown that a physical addiction to cigarettes can be over after just one week while research also shows that by quitting smoking with hypnosis a person is three times more likely to give up than if they had used nicotine patches.
With regards to stress and anxiety, the hypnotherapist will work to identify the root of stress or anxiety whether it is a situation, a physical issue, a past experience or a relationship. A goal will then be set to overcome this by using a range of different techniques working with the client’s subconscious to achieve the desired goals.