Hypnotherapy can ease stress and let you live longer

It appears, according to a recent study, that we are living longer and men are gaining on women in the longevity race. Research in the Lancet predicts that by 2030 men will be living 85.7 years on average – just two fewer than women.stress-free
In 1981 men lagged behind women by six years, the researchers stated in a BBC report, adding that while life expectancy is improving for both sexes, it comes at the cost of widening inequalities between deprived and affluent areas.
Another cause of ageing is stress and a 2012 study, published in the journal PLoS One, found that work-related stress and this can lead to the cells dying and speeding up ageing. Telomere shortening has been linked to Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, the study notes.
Chronic stress has been shown to have a number of negative health impacts, from insomnia to weight gain to an increased risk for heart disease and stress can be a contributor to premature aging.
In another BBC report, Professor Thomas von Zglinicki of the clinical medical sciences department at the University of Newcastle, said studies have con firmed the ‘general perception that stress wears you out and makes you age faster by measuring telomere length’, which he said, is one possible bio-marker of ageing and age-related disease.
The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) points out that we live in a world where stress and anxiety is becoming more common. But the NCH has a way to free people from anxiety so they can live a fulfilled and happy life.
If you suffer from a racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, a dry mouth, butterflies in stomach or insomnia, you could be stressed or overly anxious. Physical symptom signs of stress and anxiety include inner tension, agitation, irrational dread that something catastrophic is going to happen and even phobias.
Should you feel you are stressed or anxious, look up an NCH therapist near you by using the directory and let a hypnotherapist assess your anxiety, identify the root of stress or anxiety and then set about helping you lead am life free from anxiety or stress.
Therapists use different techniques and the number of session required might vary but each therapist will work with the client to reach their goals. After these sessions the client may feel more confident; more relaxed in situations that have previously been challenging.
Some, who have experienced side effects of anxiety such as insomnia, find that they are sleeping much better and as a result are able to work more effectively.
And that, in turn, can lead to a longer and healthier life.

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