Resilience: Are you flexible enough to cope with life’s demands?

How good are you at handling the day-to-day stress you experience in your life?

Do you thrive in highly pressured environments or does just the thought make you feel weary?  Life as we know it has increased its pace exponentially in the last few decades and burnout leading to stress, anxiety and physical illness is becoming increasingly common.

What keeps us healthy and able to deal with the stresses of life is resilience which has two parts, how you recover from and grow from major life or work related adversities or traumas and how you handle every day stresses, strains and hassles.

Because the latter type of stress are ongoing, everyday occurrences the way you deal with them is crucial with researchers finding that seemingly minor, every-day events have long-term implications for mental health.  In this study researchers asked participants to describe their stress reactions to a range of common, every-day situations including problems at home, in the workplace or in their social lives.  Ten years later the participants were reassessed and they discovered that the way these participants reacted to everyday stressors and hassles predicted changes in their mental and physical health.

Today, about one in seven people are suffering from stress or anxiety at any one time in the UK.   Taking steps to look after your wellbeing can help you deal with pressure, and reduce the impact that stress has on your life. This is sometimes called developing emotional resilience – the ability to adapt and bounce back when something difficult happens in your life.  For example, you can make some lifestyle changes, look after your physical health, give yourself a break or simply accept help from your support network.

Seeing a hypnotherapist can help.

After a session the person being treated usually feels more relaxed, calm and confident.. Often change is subtle, as the hypnotherapist will be working with the subconscious mind, and a very positive shift in feeling and reaction to certain previously stressful situations can be noticed.  Through working with a hypnotherapist you can expect to feel calmer and more confident, with less stress.

You can find a hypnotherapist near you by using the NCH directory.