UKCHO Register

It is with great pleasure that UKCHO announces that ‘The National Register of Hypnotherapists’ is now available on line at It has long been the policy of UKCHO to have a single National Register of Hypnotherapists, independent of, and separate from, the national registers maintained by individual Member Organisations. Such a National Register is a key element in the progression towards the professional regulation of hypnotherapy practitioners. To be included on a National Register means that a hypnotherapy practitioner has been trained to a specified minimum standard, abides by a set code of conduct, ethics and practice, and is subject to set disciplinary and grievance procedures in the event of a complaint being made against them.

The National Register contains the names and registration numbers of all those hypnotherapy practitioners who have been accredited and certified by their respective Member Organisation as having satisfied the necessary standards of professional competence and proficiency in hypnotherapy. Such hypnotherapy practitioners will be entitled to display the words, ‘Registered by UKCHO’ or ‘UKCHO Registered’ on their business cards and letterheads, and in their business advertising, together with their own unique Registration Number. Practitioners are urged to use their Registration Number in all their communications.

The register can be accessed at