Tracey Grist MNCH (Acc.). Sup(Hyp) A full-time Hypnotherapist based in South and Central London, Tracey is a HPD Assessor and NCH Supervisor.

Tracey came to Hypnotherapy via training in Life Coaching and Counselling.

Once discovered, Hypnotherapy became her primary tool for change, and accessing the subconscious via creativity, metaphor, clean language and gentle humour, she finds is an effective way of working.

Tracey has always been keen on communication and its many forms; in her former life she was a public artist specialising in stained glass; and has executed many commissions both publicly and privately, she has also worked with a varied cross section of different types of people, businesses and charities.

Most of her life she has been self-employed, so truly understands the challenges that arise through working in isolation, and particularly the challenges when practicing Hypnotherapy, and indeed any form of therapeutic practice.

For that reason, she wants to bring a clear channel of communication between members and the NCH, where there can be a safe platform to voice opinions, and ask questions about the Ethics relating to your practice, without fear of being judged. For members to be assured that you are being heard and understood, for all of us to know that, in our united passion to help and heal, we are not alone.

If you have any questions or queries no matter how big or small, I will always do my best to help, just pop them in an email