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Christopher Higgins



Welcome. After spending over two decades immersed in the world of investment banking across major global financial centres, I made a transformative shift from the intensity of multi-screen trading floors to founding my own therapy practice the 'Bohangar City Practice'. My experiences in the city introduced me to the tranquillity of self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques as tools to better cope with city life. Now, I seamlessly integrate Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy with the analytical acumen I developed as a banking analyst.

I'm deeply passionate about finding solutions and dedicated to guiding you towards impactful transformations

Whether you're immersed in the corporate world, spearheading your own enterprise, pushing boundaries in high-pressure roles, or just trying to turn the wheels to keep afloat - the challenges of Stress and Anxiety are real and often daunting. Have you ever felt submerged by the demands of your profession? Juggling multiple roles and questioning your life's priorities? You have company. My professional path includes over twenty years in the financial sectors of London and Singapore, providing me with a deep understanding of the intense demands many encounter. Drawing from this background, I've ventured into the realm of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, devising strategies not just for those in the corporate sphere but for anyone grappling with life's pressures. Join me in charting a course through these challenges, restoring equilibrium, and rekindling your passion.

ANXIETY ALLEVIATION: Comprehensive solutions for those battling anxiety, specific phobias, and fears, including but not limited to acrophobia, claustrophobia, and aviophobia. With a personalised touch, I aim to delve deep into the root of your anxieties, guiding you on a path to tranquillity and equilibrium.

PROCRASTINATION PROGRAM: Break through the barriers of delay and cultivate a proactive mindset. Recognizing the city's inherent push for results, I've crafted strategies to transform procrastination into productivity. This program also introduces an invigorating coffee morning call, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and aligning your aspirations with actionable steps.

SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS (SEND) SUPPORT: A dedicated program for parents and guardians navigating the intricate Special Education Needs landscape. Whether you're confronting EHC Needs assessments, gearing up for a SENDIST tribunal, or overseeing annual reviews, I stand by you, offering guidance and resilience-building techniques. Special interest in Autism and ADHD. Drawing from personal experiences with the EHCP process, I empathise with the immense pressures parents face from various authorities. My holistic approach, encompassing Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy and mindfulness, aims to lighten this load.

INSOMNIA and STRESS: A thorough assessment to pinpoint insomnia triggers, followed by Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy sessions. We pave the way for rejuvenating sleep by addressing underlying stress and anxiety. This program is particularly suited for those whose sleep is disrupted by external stressors. (Note: Please refer to contraindications below).

MASTERING PUBLIC SPEAKING WITH CONFIDENCE: Dive into the nuances of public speaking anxiety and bolster your self-esteem and confidence. Given that public speaking ranks high among common fears, this program integrates relaxation techniques I've personally used during my city tenure. It encompasses hypnosis-based public speaking rehearsals and practical real-world application strategies.


Recognising Symptoms of Anxiety:

Physical Indicators: Symptoms such as stomach unease, light-headedness, sensations of pins and needles, inability to relax, migraines, altered breathing patterns, heart irregularities, perspiration episodes, temperature shifts, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Emotional and Psychological Signs: Persistent feelings of restlessness, dread, heightened sensitivity, or being overwhelmed by fear and negative thoughts.

Persistent Concerns: Recurring thoughts about potential adverse events, seeking affirmation, or apprehension about potential conflicts or misunderstandings.

Dissociative States: Experiencing moments of feeling detached from oneself or one's surroundings, or feeling like an observer in one's own life.

Customised Approaches for Alleviating Anxiety:

Bespoke Anxiety Management: Individualized plans designed to address and mitigate specific anxiety triggers and behaviours.

Therapeutic Cognitive Techniques: Methods to pinpoint, address, and alter detrimental or baseless thoughts, fostering a healthier mental outlook.

Guided Relaxation & Awareness Practices: Sessions aimed at enhancing focus on the present, diminishing stress, and encouraging relaxation and mental rejuvenation.

Practical Training & Sessions: Direct tools, activities, and training modules to navigate and diminish anxiety indicators, aiming for long-term mental health improvement.


Personalised Approach: Tailored Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy programs addressing individual needs and goals.

Holistic Solutions: A blend of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy for a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Flexible Sessions: Choose between online therapy or in-person sessions at our Bishopsgate or Dulwich offices.


* Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Computing
* Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (NCFE, BPS-approved)
* Certification in Counselling Skills (TQUK)
* Certification in Understanding Autism

Investment Banking Analyst in London, Singapore, Zurich, and Frankfurt. Deep insights into Special Education Needs, especially Autism, through firsthand EHCP Process navigation.

Continuous Learning: Mindfulness Workshops, Stress Management Seminars, and more.

Memberships: National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH)

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  • Stress & Anxiety

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