HPD Qualifying Routes

To obtain the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD), you have 2 options

Accredited School Route

Schools accredited by the NCH offer the HPD to their students as part of their course and have satisfied all the criteria laid down by the NCH and NCFE for the award of the HPD.

Schools must meet the required criteria for length of course, high quality assessment and support and competent trainers. In addition the NCH schools commit to teaching a core curriculum which is the required learning for the completion of the HPD. This written work is then assessed in order for a student to obtain the HPD.

View the up to date list of schools that have joined the scheme here.

Schools are regularly moderated and validated by both the NCH and NCFE to ensure high standards are maintained.

Students who attend courses run by these schools are registered for the HPD and on completion of the course and external moderation, certificates will be issued jointly by the NCH and NCFE

Students will be entitled to FREE membership of the NCH as trainee members during their training, and will be encouraged to join as full members on qualification although, of course, this will not be compulsory.

Do you run a hypnotherapy training school? Offering the HPD to your students and will undoubtedly give you the edge over your competitors. If you are interested in incorporating the HPD into your course, please contact our Training and Accreditation Officer.

Individual Portfolio Route

The Individual Portfolio Route is open to any hypnotherapist with formal training in hypnotherapy or at least 5 years practice experience.

There are two options to demonstrate your skills and knowledge meet the HPD requirements.


  • By submission of a written portfolio, which includes submitting four ‘Vignette’ case studies, a question and answer paper, a recorded session, a statement of personal & professional philosophy, and a supervision report.
  • Tutor/Assessor support is included to help you prepare your portfolio
  • This option costs £249
  • Successful completion leads to award of the HPD


Getting started: Simply apply for full membership of the NCH and then select your preferred HPD Individual Portfolio route.