Gastric band hypnotherapy does help weight loss

An attempt by a man who once weighed 50 stone to have NHS bariatric surgery (fitting of a gastric band) was refused, according to the BBC, because he was not a ‘serious enough case’.Gastric band hypnotherapy

Now Zac Smith, 40, of Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan, who paid £9,000 to have the procedure in India, says NHS Wales should rethink how it treats morbidly obese patients. He lost 27 stone after the procedure in India, which was refused on the NHS as he did not suffer enough from high blood pressure and diabetes.

A public health report last week revealed a quarter of four and five-year-old children in Wales are overweight with one in 10 classed as obese.

Gastric band hypnotherapy

But gastric band hypnotherapy can help and prevent the pain and trauma of surgery. According to the Daily Mail, dieting can be a case of mind over matter. The paper’s magazine carried a story recently about Marion Corns, a mother of three, who lost four stone in four months after allowing herself to be hypnotised – and told she had been fitted with a gastric band.

Believing her stomach has shrunk to the size of a golf ball under a surgeon’s knife, Mrs Corns is now able to eat only tiny portions of food. And in the four months following the treatment, her weight has dropped to just under 12 stone, while her dress size has gone down from 22 to a 14.

Over five sessions of hypnotherapy, says Mrs Corns, her hypnotherapist talked her through every detailed step of the medical procedure as if she were actually inside an operating theatre. Eventually Mrs Corns began to feel a tightening sensation in her stomach.

Hypnotherapists registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy are experienced in weight loss management treatment and gastric band hypnotherapy is one of the options they can use.

And, with the NHS being strict on who can or cannot have the procedure, the hypnotherapy route is a viable option. Gastric band hypnotherapy is used by the therapist to convince the client’s subconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted. The mind then thinks the stomach is now much smaller than it really is, the client tends to eat less and be satisfied with less, which leads to rapid and sustainable weight loss.

So, what is hypnotherapy? Well, it is the application of hypnotic techniques in such a way as to bring about therapeutic changes. An external influence, the hypnotherapist, assists in activating the inner resources of the client in order to achieve realistic goals.

If weight management is your problem and you are determined to control your diet and eating patterns, get hold of a hypnotherapist by clicking on the National Council for Hypnotherapy’s ‘find a hypnotherapist’ link and get started. It’s that easy!