Obesity danger can be beaten with hypnotherapy

With obesity being described as the ‘new smoking’ in terms of the impact on health by the head of the NHS in England, the role of hypnotherapy in weight management is made more relevant.obesity-and-smoking
A quarter of adults (up from 15 per cent just 20 years ago) and one in five schoolchildren is obese, figures show, according to a recent BBC report, and the problem is estimated to already cost the NHS £9bn a year.
But NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens said if obesity rates kept rising it could even threaten the sustainability of the health service.
Speaking to the Public Health England annual conference, Stevens said: “Obesity is the new smoking. It represents a slow-motion car crash in terms of avoidable illness and rising health care costs.
“If, as a nation, we keep piling on the pounds around the waistline, we’ll be piling on the pounds in terms of future taxes needed just to keep the NHS afloat.”
Obese people normally feel bad about themselves and their addiction to eating but hypnotherapy helps the client in touch with the reasons why they unconsciously eat and, as well as stopping compulsive eating, hypnosis can increase motivation for exercise and help reduce portion sizes so weight loss can be healthy steady and for a long time.
And, in a recent call to limit TV viewing and increase exercise to combat the rising obesity rates, Professor Mike Kelly, director of the Centre for Public Health for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), said: “The general rule for maintaining a healthy weight is that energy intake through food and drink should not exceed energy output from daily activity.”
He added: “We all know we should probably take the stairs rather than the lift, cut down on TV time, eat more healthily and drink less alcohol. But it can be difficult to know the most useful changes that we can make in terms of our weight.”
The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), with over 1,800 qualified hypnotherapists on its register, can offer many therapists experienced in dealing with weight management therapies.
A hypnotherapist can help the client control their weight problems by creating new healthy self-management techniques.
Managing weight loss is one of the most effective results of hypnotherapy and if you are worried about your size and eating habits find a hypnotherapist bear you by using the NCH’s directory and start your path to a better and healthier life.

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