October, a month for hypnotherapy?

October is here and you can decide – if you follow the fads – to Go Sober for October or quit smoking for Stoptober. And it does not end there.smoke-and-drink

You could then grow a moustache for Movember and a beard for Decembeard before you stop drinking again with Dry January or Dryathalon. All of this is done for a good cause, with people donating to charity in support of various abstinence campaigns.

But while modern society seems to readily adopt the plan to abstain from something or do something silly for a month, hypnotherapy can make that period of abstinence permanent – whether it be no more smoking, no more alcohol or less food.

Want to stop permanently and not just for 30 days or so! It’s easy question and the answer is ‘yes, with hypnotherapy’. The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) represents over 1,800 qualified therapists, all fully insured and trained to the highest standards.

Among the fields in which hypnotherapy is particularly effective is combating addictions. Both smoking and drinking fall into this category.

They can easily become addictions over which you feel you have no control over which affects your life and the lives of those you care about. These are habits which can make you unhappy and cause risk to your health.

If you have an unwanted habit or behaviour, it may often feel as if you are out of control, that there is someone else or something inside of you that is making you do this.

This ‘little voice’ that always tells you to do something when you don’t want to do can be silenced with effective hypnotherapy.

The question many people who want to quit smoking or drinking as is: ‘What can I expect from a session?’

Depending on what you are seeing the therapist for, they will assess your habit and write a treatment plan for you based on a range of different techniques.

Your hypnotherapist will then assess your commitment to the treatment, as the desire to stop the behaviour or change the behaviour must come from you. If you want to give up smoking to please someone else, for instance, it is unlikely to work.

October is a particularly auspicious month for giving up vices.
Summer is gone and it is an ‘an opportunity to test willpower before the Christmas party season in November and December’, says Hannah Redmond, head of national events marketing at Macmillan Cancer Support, which organises Go Sober for October.

But, with hypnotherapy you can quit your smoking or drinking for ever. Have a look at the NCH’s hypnotherapy directory to find a hypnotherapist near you.

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