Lose weight with hypnotherapy and be healthier

Weight loss surgery can dramatically reduce the odds of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a major study, the BBC has reported recently.gluttony
In the study, doctors followed nearly 5,000 people as part of a trial to assess the health impact of the procedure. The results, published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal, showed an 80 per cent reduction in type 2 diabetes in those subjects who had surgery.
The UK NHS is now considering offering the procedure to tens of thousands of people to prevent diabetes.
But it need not be as drastic because managing weight loss is one of the most effective results of hypnotherapy. Rather than just reducing intake and the weight that one is likely to put on again in the longer term, hypnosis gets the person in touch with the reasons why they tend to over eat
Obesity and type 2 diabetes are closely tied – the bigger someone is, the greater the risk of the condition. According to official figures, the cost of diabetes to the NHS is just over £1.5 million an hour – or a tenth of the budget for England and Wales. The inability to control blood sugar levels can result in blindness, amputations and nerve damage.
The study followed 2,167 obese adults who had weight loss – known as bariatric – surgery. They were compared to 2,167 fellow obese people who continued as they were. There were 38 cases of diabetes after surgery compared with 177 in people left as they were – a reduction of nearly 80 per cent.
But, with the help of a qualified hypnotherapist from the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), a person who over eats and wants to manage their weight need not resort to something as radical as surgery. The therapist will help the client understand why they over eat and help establish new healthy self-management techniques. The therapist will help the client reduce food portion sizes to lose weight healthily, steadily and for the long term
And it’s not only compulsive eating that hypnotherapy can stop. Hypnosis can increase the motivation for exercise.
Given that around 3 per cent of morbidly obese people develop type 2 diabetes each year, and that one in four adults in England is obese, changing eating habits can only be good for you.
A body mass index (BMI) of 30-35 cuts life expectancy by up to four years. And rather than undergo painful surgery and a stay in hospital, a few visits to your nearest hypnotherapist (check out the NCH’s directory) can achieve the same thing.

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