Overcome peer pressure through hypnotherapy

Being a teenager is not easy – ask any teen! Besides having to cope with physical changes, parents and school, there is peer pressure, too.peers

Peer pressure, according to the website About Health, is usually applied to younger people, especially teenagers. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to peer pressure because they are at a stage of development when they are separating more from their parents’ influence but have not yet established their own values or understanding about human relationships or the consequences of their behaviour.

As teenagers and other young people are striving for social acceptance and may be willing to engage in behaviours that will allow them to be accepted that are against their better judgement. Parents often worry about peer pressure, particularly in relation to potentially addictive activities, such as alcohol and drug use and sexual behaviour and, to a lesser extent, food and eating patterns.

There are certain risk factors for peer pressure that make a young person more prone to give in to pressure. The factors that put one at higher risk for falling into the peer pressure trap include low self-esteem, lack of confidence and feeling isolated from peers and/or family. This can cause stress and anxiety.

Worried parents or concerned young people should consider a few sessions with a hypnotherapist to allow the youngsters to face up to these issues.

The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) is a nationwide body in the UK with 1800 registered therapists on its directory. The NCH works towards raising the standards of hypnotherapy in the UK in every possible way; maintaining a common Code of Ethics and Practice & a Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure to deal with complaints from any source and it encourages high training standards.

Modern day young people live in a society where great demands and responsibilities are placed on them and statistics show that about one in seven people are suffering from stress or anxiety at any one time in the UK.

Stress can make a significant impact on the quality of life and wellbeing, particularly during these earlier years of puberty, adolescence and emerging adulthood. Educational pressures like exams and the need to succeed do not help.

After a few sessions with a hypnotherapist, the person vulnerable to peer pressure might feel more confident and more relaxed in situations that have been challenging before.

Using a range of different techniques, the hypnotherapist will relax the client, making them feel comfortable and then work with them towards overcoming their problems.

The therapist will work directly with the client’s subconscious, bypassing the critical mind to get to the root of the issue so that positive changes can be made.

If you or your teenager is suffering from anxiety due to peer pressure, contact an NCH hypnotherapist near you by clicking here. It will, more than likely, have a positive outcome.

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