NCH Conference 2018 – Gut Feelings: Gut Bacteria, Cravings, Chocolate and Poo!

Do the bugs in our belly control us? Come hear Emily speak at the NCH Conference and find out!

Emerging research suggests that our gut bacteria influence what we eat and how we feel, altering not only our cravings and appetite, but changing our moods and how we behave.  Our keynote speaker at the 2018 National Council for Hypnotherapists conference is scientist, Dr Emily Grossman, a highly respected expert in molecular biology.  Emily has a Cambridge Double First in Natural Sciences, a Ph D in cancer research and an impressive speaking engagement resume including TEDx UCL and the British Science Festival.

Most of us regularly see clients in our practice who want help with weight control, mood issues and food cravings.  Dr Grossman investigates how gut micro-organisms could influence how we feel and how we behave… and why; she became interested in this area after a friend talked to her about toxoplasma gondii, the third most common parasitic protozoa to infect warm blooded creatures. This parasite controls the behaviour of the animals that it infects, causing them to stop fearing their natural predators – cats, causing them to be eaten.  In this way the toxoplasma gondii ensure that it is replicated and survives.  This lead Emily to explore how our own gut bacteria could be influencing our mood – causing anxiety or depression – and also affecting what we choose to eat – encouraging us eat too much or to crave certain foods.

So are the bugs in our belly controlling our clients? And what can we do about it?

Dr Grossman will discuss the use of probiotics and dietary interventions to alter gut bacteria, and thus affect mood and stress levels and prevent weight-gain, and explores the exploding field of fecal microbial transfer – more commonly known as poo transplants! So could a poo transplant kick chocolate addiction? Or help our clients lose weight? You’ll have to come to hear Dr Grossman to find out!

The 2018 NCH conference will be held at the Birmingham Council House Banqueting Suite on Saturday 23rd June from 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM. Everyone is welcome, from hypnotherapists to members of the public; you can buy a ticket by clicking here

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