2018 NCH Annual Conference in Birmingham

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The NCH 2018 conference takes place on Saturday 23rd June in Birmingham, from 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM

The 2018 Conference Theme:

‘Effective Solutions Through Science, Nature and Compassion’

In support of our theme we are thrilled that four brilliant speakers, each renowned specialists in their own fields, have agreed to present for us:

Dr Emily Grossman – ‘Gut Feelings: Gut Bacteria, Cravings, Chocolate and Poo!’

Our keynote speaker is the scientist, Dr Emily Grossman. Emily has a Cambridge Double First in Natural Sciences and a Ph D in cancer research. She is well-known as a passionate advocate of the popular understanding of science. Emily is prominent in the movement to promote gender equality and diversity in science and to inspire the next generation of pioneering scientists. She is in huge demand internationally as a writer, presenter and broadcaster.


David Newton – ‘Solution Focussed hypnotherapy and the treatment of anxiety’

David Newton can be described as the ‘father’ of, the present day, solution focused hypnotherapy. Founder of the phenomenally successful ‘Clifton Practice’, David has been instrumental in establishing a research programme (CORP = CPHT Outcomes & Research Programme) running to gather evidence of client outcomes.


Christa Mackinnon – ‘Bridging the worlds of Shamanism and therapy’

Christa Mackinnon is a social psychologist, family counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and group facilitator. Specialising in complex trauma, Christa lectures internationally in psychology and hypnotherapy, and holds an Honorary Fellowship at the University of Exeter, Medical School, where she teaches special study units in clinical hypnosis and trauma. Christa’s interest in consciousness, altered states of perception and spirituality has led her to apprentice to indigenous shamans in South America and to train and work with spiritual and shamanic teachers in many countries. Christa Mackinnon is the author of three books.


Michael Mahoney – ‘Offering help to cancer patients through clinical hypnosis’

A medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist since 1986, Michael has research and patient trials experience, and is the recipient of several research and innovation awards for his work in ‘Emotional Recovery after Breast Cancer, as well as ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’. Since its release in 2005 his ‘Emotional Recovery after Breast Cancer’ audio programme has been recognised by over 100 NHS breast clinics as a valid resource for their out-patients. Michael is a member of several primary care societies.



We’ve listened to member’s responses and we’re moving away from London in 2018 to a central UK location to hold the conference in the Victorian splendour of The Birmingham Council House Banqueting Suite. If you’ve not been there before, it’s amazing and a lovely change from modern ‘soulless’ conference centres. Right in the centre of Birmingham, the good news is that it’s just a few minutes walk from New Street Station and has masses of car parking nearby.

Local Accommodation

The conference is not residential, however to support members and guests who will find it convenient and enjoyable to have a stop-over in Central Birmingham, to enjoy fine dining, culture and shopping. Great advance booking rates are available from the following city centre hotels:


Unless you are local we recommend travel by train to Birmingham New Street Station – the venue is only a few minutes walk away. If you’re travelling by car there’s masses of local car parking.

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Once again we wish you a brilliant New Year and look forward to seeing you at YOUR conference.