Are you preparing for Sober October?

Are you confused about what is considered to be a ‘safe’ level of alcohol consumption? In the UK and other parts of Europe, no more than one glass of wine or a pint of beer a day is recommended. In the US it is double these levels, and in Mediterranean countries and Chile it’s even more relaxed when it comes to drinking wine. Studies published in the last year warn us that there is no safe level of consumption.

As some of us start preparing ourselves to ‘go sober for October’ it might be useful to pause and consider just how commonplace drinking is in the UK. Metro News regularly runs a column in which people ‘spill’ how much they actually drink in an average week; you may find the columns eye opening.


Preparing for Sober October

One of the most effective things you can do to make Sober October successful is to set yourself a concrete goal.  Spend some time thinking about why achieving this goal is important to you and what it will bring to your life.  Perhaps you’re giving up the pints to save money for travelling or you know that cutting down on wine in the evenings will help your weight.  Or maybe you’ve noticed that your alcohol consumption has crept up to the point where you’re drinking every day and you want a chance to build new and healthier habits.

Know that changing habits can take time and feel uncomfortable at first. You might find that you are struggling with cravings; it can be helpful to find someone to talk to. Hypnotherapy has had proven success in helping clients break unwanted habits or addictions like excessive drinking.

“The good news,” says the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), “is that you are in control, you can change how you react to certain situations, and you can protect yourself in ways that are healthy and which allow you succeed and grow stronger in body and mind. You just need to know how to change it, and to believe you can.”

Hypnotherapy works rapidly and successfully with bad habits and behaviours because it works directly with the subconscious, bypassing the critical mind and getting to the root of the issue so that changes can be made.

Perhaps if you’re taking part in Sober October you’re doing it as a fundraising effort.  This will give you some external accountability and motivation.  If you’re doing the challenge solo, tell your friends and family what your intention is and ask them for support. You’re more likely to achieve your goals when you have people cheering you on.

Plan your social calendar.  Instead of arranging to meet up with friends at the pub, suggest other activities.  Get active and go for a walk or indoor rock climbing or go to see a movie.  Not only will this help reduce the temptation to drink, you’ll bond with your friends in new ways.

Make your Sober October a success and visit the NCH’s hypnotherapy directory to find a qualified and insured hypnotherapist near you who can support you achieving your goals.