2 March, 2024 – Parts Therapy Training in Kent, UK (with Zoom hybrid option) – Accredited by Roy Hunter

CPD Event title: Parts Therapy Training in Kent, UK (with Zoom hybrid option) – Accredited by Roy Hunter

Brief Description Of Event: How can you effectively help the client who struggles with inner conflicts? Clients who really want to achieve a goal but they seem to sabotage themselves. This is the type of client that parts therapy can help! This parts therapy workshop will help you identify the conflict and guide your clients past the barriers that get in their way.
Learn parts therapy with experienced Hypnotherapist Marcia Eden (Tillman) MSc. Marcia has been a Hypnotherapist for over 20 years and has conducted thousands of client sessions. She is a Certified Parts Therapy Trainer of the highly regarded Hypnotherapist and Author Roy Hunter. The parts therapy workshop is experiential and is a must for any hypnotherapist not totally familiar with parts therapy or one of its variations.
Roy Hunter is the author of several hypnosis-related books including ‘Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy’. All who attend a parts therapy workshop will receive a participant workbook written by Roy Hunter.

Learning Objectives: In this workshop we cover:
What is parts therapy The Four Hypnotherapeutic Steps to Facilitate Change Which Hypnotherapy Objectives Can Parts Therapy Fulfil? Why Regression Therapy Is a Prerequisite to Parts Therapy (and how to work with Parts if you aren’t trained in regression) When Is Parts Therapy Appropriate? Ideomotor Responding and Psychodynamics Ideomotor Questions to Assess Symptom Psychodynamics The Parts Therapy Protocol including preparation, the 11 step process, and concluding the parts session.

Course Structure: Explain the concept of Parts Therapy Compare Parts Therapy with several other similar techniques such as Ego State Therapy Summarise the four objectives that constitute the foundation of Client-Centered Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Assess when Parts Therapy is needed Explain to a client how Parts Therapy is a way to mediate inner conflicts between different parts of the client’s personality Utilise hypnotic techniques in order to adequately prepare the client for the Parts Therapy process Properly apply the eleven steps of the Parts Therapy process (or protocol) to help a client resolve an inner conflict Practice the Parts Therapy steps through group role-play Demonstrate the preferred technique for integrating the parts before emerging the client Use hypnotic suggestions and imagery to help the subconscious accept the resolution as fitting and viable Observe demonstrations of the application of the 11-Step Process (protocol) Explain the conceptual and clinical rationale for each step of the Parts Therapy process.

Date of event: Mar 2, 2024

Duration of Event: 2 days

Venue for event: 5 The Chapel, Abbey Place, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7BG

Name of trainer: Marcia Eden (Tillman)

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Email bookings: marcia@lifeclinics.com

Website: lifeclinicstraining.com/event/parts-therapy-workshop-approved-by-roy-hunter/

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Cost of Course: £395

Cost for NCH members: £395

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