⭐ Affirmative Therapy: Working Successfully with LGBTQ+ Clients

CPD Event title: Affirmative Therapy: Working Successfully with LGBTQ+ Clients

Brief Description Of Event: Distance learning.  Available on demand.

Upon purchase of the course you can download the pdf.

Accredited by the APHP and Accredited by the ACCPH as Level 3 CPD

In this thorough training, throughout more than 200 pages, you will be taken on a tour of history of LGBT+ people.  Unique video interviews are given too!

You will be introduced to concepts of sexuality and gender, ideas of how these have been expressed historically, and current issues facing LGBT+ people today.

You will be introduced to the difficulties of growing up and becoming a fully rounded LGBT+ person.

There is even a survey of the attitudes of world religions towards LGBT+ people.

Learning Objectives:

Chapters include


1. Introduction

2. Growing up LGBTQ+

3. Gay Male Focus

4. Lesbian Focus

5. Bisexual Focus

6. Transgender Focus

7. LGBTQ+ Issues

8. Practical Approach Section

9. Conclusion

10. Glossary

11. Appendices

12. Resources

hypnotics scripts are included along with a thorough intake form with an explanation of how to use it.

Course Structure: This e-course/books is available for your to download now in PDF format which you can use on your computer, tablet or other mobile device.  BUY NOW

Date of event:

Duration of Event:

Venue for event:

Name of trainer: Gavin Botwell

Tel bookings: 02081 720 060

Email bookings: hello@essexmindcoach.co.uk

Website: www.essexmindcoach.co.uk/training/

Maximum number of participants: 

Cost of Course: £127

Cost for NCH members: £77

How to claim discount: 

Additional information/requirements: Obtain your certificate and display your LGBTQ+ Affirming Credentials with Pride

After competing the reading of this e-course/book you are able to obtain a Certificate showing your credentials as an LGBT+ affirming therapist. A short exam is necessary in order to obtain the certificate.