⭐ Online: Gil Boyne Masterclass

Gil Boyne dedicated his life to the development of the profession and mentoring professional hypnotherapists, and his LIVE Master Class attracted people from around the world for more than 55 years. Gil Boyne Online is part of Gil’s legacy of valuable teaching material, and is a fantastic resource for hypnotherapists of all levels, but especially for those who missed the opportunity to see Gil at work while he was alive.

Gil Boyne Online is available when YOU want it – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can fit learning from the Master around your clients and your life.

You get immediate online access to:

  1. The Case of Bunny, video with commentary
  2. Rapid and Instantaneous Induction Videos, including:
    • Hand Closing Induction
    • Wolberg Arm Levitation Induction
    • Standing Induction – Rapid Induction
    • Rapid Hypnosis Induction
    • Direct Gaze induction
    • Hypnotic equilibrium
    • The Critical Factor of the Mind
    • Eye catalepsy, automatic motion, and conditioning with post-hypnotic re-induction
    • Rocking Deepener
  3. The Case of Mary, video with commentary
  4. The Case of Damien, video with commentary
  5. The Case of Bob, video with commentary

PLUS, numerous never before seen video interviews with Gil and a host of articles and learning points penned by the great man himself.

In total, the training provides around 16 hours of CPD learning.

Date: Available 24x7x365. Start anytime!
Venue: Online
Trainers: Gil Boyne, Dr John Butler and Rob Woodgate

NCH Members: US$97+VAT (approx. £77) (save 34%!)
Non-NCH Members: US$147+VAT (approx. £117)

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Online: MIND FACTOR Coach Certification for Sports Performance

Enhance your ability in sports performance and experience 20 hours of incredible learning, fun and enjoyment that will teach you some of the most cutting edge material on the MIND FACTOR in sports available today.

Includes certification as a MIND FACTOR coach, which will set you apart and allow you the benefit of our first class referral system through the MIND FACTOR website.

The course is taught by Karl Morris, Europe’s leading Mind Coach who has helped tour players reach new heights such as 2010 US Open Champion and 2010 Ryder Cup Hero Graeme McDowell, 2010 Open Champion Louis Oosthuizen, Darren Clarke, Lee Westwood, David Howell, Paul McGinley, James Kingston, Richard Finch, Mark Foster, Jamie Donaldson, David Horsey, Trish Johnson and Former US Open Champion Alison Nicholas.

Each module will give you an in depth understanding and experience of how and when to use MIND FACTOR techniques to get the very best out of either yourself or your players.

Each module will also have a guest speaker of truly international standing who will present to you cutting edge information, providing you with the opportunity to take sports performance to an altogether different level.

Some of the things you will learn:

  • How the brain resists any form of change and how YOU can work with your neural circuitry as opposed to constantly being at battle with yourself.
  • The power of the little known and even less understood concept of Neutral Thinking and why the well worn path of positive thinking is so ineffective for most people.
  • How knowledge is about EXPERIENCE and anything else is just information. Einstein talked about this concept, and during the course the emphasis is on your own personal experience. YOU will be INVOLVED in your OWN learning.
  • How the brain responds to practice and how you need to understand the shaping of new NEURAL CONNECTIONS in the brain if your practice regimes are to be effective.
  • How to avoid being stuck in limiting patterns of behaviour and escape the very strong pull of familiarity
  • The myth behind the process of visualisation and how this potentially beneficial tool is so often badly misused. Most importantly, how you can gain tremendous results with players very quickly by having them FULLY UNDERSTAND what actually creates visualisation and then how to effectively utilise it.
  • The most effective methods for goal setting, and why the way current goal setting models are taught is almost guaranteed to result in FRUSTRATION and FAILURE.
  • A UNIQUE and TESTED system that is linked to how the brain ACTUALLY works as opposed to flowery theory that sells but is ineffective.
  • The incredibly powerful concept of PERCEIVED CONTROL and a self control technique that has not been revealed ANYWHERE else before.

The MIND FACTOR has the basic premise that success is all about ACTION, not endless theory. By becoming a MIND FACTOR coach you will instantly be able to go out and USE the tools and techniques with your clients and enhance the sports performance side of your practice.

Date: Available 24x7x365. Start anytime!
Venue: Online
Trainer: Karl Morris

Price: US$597+VAT (approx: £597 inc VAT)