⭐ 15 November, 2024 – Quit Smoking and Vaping Accredited CPD for the Hypnotherapist

CPD Event title: Quit Smoking and Vaping Accredited CPD for the Hypnotherapist

Brief Description Of Event:

This CPD and all Supporting Information – £60 instead of £110

Sarah Sollom, DPH, DSFH, Member of CNCH, presents Quit Smoking and Vaping Accredited Training for the Hypnotherapist

After this training you will have all you need to be able to work confidently with clients. Including PP’s, client handouts, plus free gift.

Learning Objectives:

After this CPD you will have all you need to be able to work confidently with clients. Including PowerPoints, client handouts and much more.

Online Event (via Zoom) by Sarah Sollom.

Quit Smoking and Vaping is for working with individual clients or, if appropriate, for two people from the same household (typically a couple who smoke or vape together). It is a two-session client procedure.


Course Structure:

You will receive the following packages and you can personalise all these items with your own branding to make it your own:

  • 2 full PowerPoint presentations ready to use with your clients
  • Various client hand-outs including Self Awareness and Preparation exercises
  • Sarah’s own specific language pattern
  • Notes for your use about how to proceed with your clients

Training also includes:

  • Procedures for both client sessions fully explained
  • Demonstration of the PowerPoint presentations and how they make the sessions much easier for you

Plus free gift for Control your Drinking: This is an additional PowerPoint presentation for use with clients who would like to cut down on alcohol or even stop drinking altogether. Sarah says “I have used it with young binge drinkers. It could be described as a useful tool for your toolkit but is NOT designed for a client with a serious alcohol problem. It is ideal for a client who is maybe attending sessions for other issues, as it adds variety”.

Your package includes:

  • 2 full PowerPoint presentations (one for Quit Smoking and one for Control your Drinking)
  • Brief notes for your own use

There is some overlap with Quit Smoking as there are many similarities in the behaviours that accompany smoking and drinking. However, there is a fair amount of content that is specific to drinking and saves you a lot of time which it would take for you to devise your own.

Control Your Drinking:

After Quit Smoking, Sarah will continue to go through Control Your Drinking just as a quick extra.

If you have attended Weight Loss – a Mindset Approach, you will find a few areas of overlap with Quit Smoking, e.g. a brain explanation and a couple of points of explanation but it is presented differently and other elements are different.


Comments from Facebook from therapists. Sarah has lots more!

  • Nizamuddin: This makes delivering sessions to the client easy. The facilitator’s knowledge was ‘Excellent’.
  • Heidi Elizabeth Clarke: As usual, Sarah went through everything in an easy-to-understand way… I now feel more confident in myself to have a go and find a body to try it on – excellent.
  • Wendy Robinson: For anyone wanting to get optimal results with smoking clients this course is a must .. Sarah has a brilliant way of creating an interactive and educational session for the client that engages them from the outset .. with the benefit of receiving the demonstration, marketing material and handouts, it’s a really great investment, thanks Sarah for another winner.
  • Sally Turner:…I also used the Control Your Drinking with a client and felt it was a great addition to what we already do, as it is something different and led to some useful discussion. My client said that it gave her some helpful insights.
  • Caroline Evans: I attended Sarah’s Quit Smoking training course and it was really helpful and full of information that I can use with confidence to enhance my own clients’ experience. Thanks Sarah Sollom
  • Amanda Thoden Van Velzen: Excellent course! Easy to use PowerPoint, really clear explanations. I feel much more confident now – thank you Sarah!!
  • Tracey Jayne Inglis: I did this…wow….and so inspired ….thank you Sarah
  • Corrinne Griffin: I really enjoyed this training yesterday. Great PowerPoint presentation, which was clear and easy to understand. Thank you Sarah x

Date of event: November 15, 2024

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: Zoom

Name of trainer: Sarah Sollom and hosted by New Horizon Training

Tel bookings:

Email bookings: enquiries@newhorizontraining.co.uk

Website: www.newhorizontraining.co.uk/events

Maximum number of participants: 15

Cost of Course: £60

Cost for NCH members: £54

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Please use this link to look and book: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/854494856117?aff=oddtdtcreator

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Additional information/requirements:

New Horizon Training Ltd is accredited with the CPD Standards Office – a World-Leading CPD Accreditation Service, and we have also been awarded, April 2023, the Provider of Training Excellence award. With this accreditation New Horizon Training offers a great opportunity to help individuals enhance their careers. The Dual accreditation is an award from the Professional Development Consortium, awarded to professional training and learning providers to be recognised as a provider of training excellence with a fully accredited CPD provision.