⭐ 28 September 2024 – Ditch The Script ~ CPD For The Hypnotherapist

CPD Event title: Ditch The Script ~ CPD For The Hypnotherapist

Brief Description Of Event: From first meeting, master client preparation, understand hypnosis basics, and skilfully transform dialogues into trance-inducing sessions.

Learning Objectives:

Event Summary:
Join Sarah Sollom for a compelling half-day CPD workshop, “Ditch the Script,” offered online via Zoom. This workshop is tailored for hypnotherapists eager to master the art of creating their own Language Patterns, Metaphors, and Reframes, finally working script-free. The session begins with exploring initial client interaction and extends to preparing clients before their first session. Participants will learn to navigate the ‘studio of the client’s mind,’ using this insight creatively in their hypnotherapy practice. The workshop will be interactive, utilising Zoom’s break-out rooms for pair and group work, allowing for practical application and peer learning.

Course Structure:

Learn the key techniques for preparing your client for hypnosis right from the initial meeting. Gain insights into the fundamental purpose and structure of hypnosis, and discover how to effectively transform everyday conversations into trance-inducing language

Learning Objectives:

  1. Custom Language Creation: Build the confidence to create your own language patterns, metaphors and reframes independently, moving towards intuitive, script-free sessions.
    2. Exploring the Mental Studio:Understand the client’s mind as a creative space for insightful therapeutic interventions.
    3. Client Insight Utilisation:Acquire skills to decode and integrate client cues into each session, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the therapy.
    4. Advanced Reframing Techniques: Learn to develop impactful Reframes, applicable post-Rewind and as standalone methods.
    5. Interactive Online Format: Engage in a virtual, interactive setting with break-out rooms for hands-on practice and collaboration with peers.

Date of event: September 28, 2024

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: Zoom

Name of trainer: Sarah Sollom and hosted by New Horizon Training

Email bookings: enquiries@newhorizontraining.co.uk

Website: www.newhorizontraining.co.uk/events

Maximum number of participants: 12

Cost of Course: £50

Cost for NCH members: £45

How to claim discount:

Please use this link to look and book: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/854473923507?aff=oddtdtcreator

Please use this code for your 10% discount at checkout: nch10

Additional information/requirements: New Horizon Training Ltd is accredited with the CPD Standards Office – a World-Leading CPD Accreditation Service, and we have also been awarded, April 2023, the Provider of Training Excellence award. With this accreditation New Horizon Training offers a great opportunity to help individuals enhance their careers. The Dual accreditation is an award from the Professional Development Consortium, awarded to professional training and learning providers to be recognised as a provider of training excellence with a fully accredited CPD provision.