⭐ 13 April, 2024 – Past Life Regression 1 day Masterclass – LIVE ZOOM WORKSHOP

CPD Event title: Past Life Regression 1 day Masterclass – LIVE ZOOM WORKSHOP

Brief Description Of Event: Fee £100: 7 hours CPD, for qualified and student hypnotherapists

Learning Objectives: Learn the skills to help you gain further knowledge about Past Life Regression (a life or lives previous to the present life) and work effectively and confidently with clients. Past Life Journeys into memories of a life or lives before the present life can be explored purely for interest, or to help resolve issues in the present life which have been carried forward from a past life or lives. By identifying the past life event responsible, understanding and healing can take place and carried into the present life, so the issue in the present is no longer needed:-
• What is Past Life Regression & What are Past Life Memories?
• When to use PLR and what issues it can treat, including PLR for interest
• Preparation for PLR and how many Past Lives
• Different methods of Regression
• Locating source experience(s) and asking the right questions
• Recovering and releasing memories
• Dealing with Death – with emotion or without emotion
• Healing, achieving closure and Re-integration
• In-between lives

Course Structure: This is a LIVE ZOOM course enabling you to learn from the comfort of your own surroundings and save travelling costs & time.
Start time: 9.30am – Finish time: 4.30pm
A comprehensive Course Manual containing everything covered on the day, including scripts to use with clients, is emailed to you prior to the course. This is accompanied by the Course Workbook containing the powerpoint slides which summarise the information, with space for any notes you wish to make.
During the course, the powerpoint slides are shared via the tutor’s screen as the tutor introduces the subject material, with opportunity for questions and discussion at regular intervals. The day includes demonstrations by the tutor and there is the opportunity to facilitate or experience a past life journey yourself, if you wish, as well as connect with other therapists on the course.

Date of event: April 13, 2024

Duration of Event: 1 days

Venue for event: LIVE ZOOM Workshop

Name of trainer: Holly Wincote

Tel bookings: 07986 539747

Email bookings: holly@atherapy.co.uk

Website: www.thehypnotherapyacademy.co.uk

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £150

Cost for NCH members: £100

How to claim discount: Please specify you are a member of NCH on the course booking form or your email enquiry.

Additional information/requirements: Your tutor is Holly Wincote, owner and principal trainer of The Hypnotherapy Academy. Holly is a qualified trainer with over 20 years experience developing and delivering training courses. Holly is also a qualified hypnotherapist running her busy, private practice Holly Wincote Hypnotherapy and has worked extensively in all the subject areas she trains in, meaning the training provided is underpinned by real client experience. Holly is committed to providing training of the highest quality, ensuring courses are engaging, informative and practical.
Holly’s qualifications include: – Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Diploma in NLP, Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma, Certificate in Discursive Empowerment, Diploma in Stress Management Consultancy, IEMT Practitioner, IEMT Approved Trainer, Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor