⭐ 03 July 2024 – Developing Self Compassion – in yourself and others

CPD Event title: Developing Self Compassion – in yourself and others

Brief Description Of Event: Many people struggle with showing themselves compassion – they may be highly critical of themselves, or wracked with feelings of shame, self-doubt or self-worth – but with the right approach it is possible to help them develop this key component of recovery and wellbeing. Being compassionate towards ourselves when things go wrong, or we are struggling to cope, is not self-pity – it is an essential skill that can be learnt and developed, giving people the strength to move forward.

When things don’t go our way or we feel we can’t cope – or something bad has happened to us – we may feel ashamed or blame ourselves for not being good enough, capable enough, strong enough and so on. This negative self-criticism can be highly damaging and hold us back. It is far more empowering to turn towards ourselves with compassion (which is what self-compassion literally means).

Helping people to find the best ways to draw out their self-compassion is a skill that needs to be learned. Different from empathy (the ability to appreciate what another person is experiencing) and from self-pity (which is self-focused, exaggerates personal suffering and is disempowering and draining), self-compassion enhances resilience, allowing us to recognise our personal failings while appreciating that we are all human and make mistakes – thus helping us to move on past them.

Learning how to use self-compassion from a human givens perspective makes it an extra-valuable tool for supporting our clients in getting their innate needs met and making best use of their innate resources. It may also help you in your own life.

Learning Objectives: This new online self-compassion course provides you with all you need to know to bring self-compassion into your practice, your personal life and the lives of others – with plenty of time to try out the techniques for yourself.

What will you learn
  • What self-compassion is and isn’t
  • Research findings that demonstrate the positive effects on the body and mind of exercising self-compassion
  • Why some people find self-compassion difficult
  • The roots of self-compassion
  • A new empowering perspective on making mistakes
  • How practising self-compassion helps our ability to problem solve
  • An important adjunctive tool for working with harsh self-criticism, trauma, emotional pain; bereavement, loss, change, and chronic-conditions
  • Why self-compassion increases resilience
  • Simple techniques for self-soothing and self-care
  • How to apply these new understandings in therapy
  • The especial value of using these techniques with parents and children
  • How to bring these technique seamlessly into everyday life
  • Ways that self-compassion helps with meeting emotional needs
  • The impact of self-compassionate practice on organisations
  • How self-compassion can help children become happier and kinder
  • Why compassion for oneself enhances sense of status
  • Ways that exercising self-compassion lowers emotional arousal and unhelpful thinking
  • How self-compassion differs from both compassion and empathy
  • The dangers of too much self-compassion
  • How self-compassion helps focus the imagination positively
  • Creative applications of self-compassion
  • How self-compassion maps onto every human need and innate emotional resource, making it an essential tool in every HG practitioner’s toolbox
  • Practical examples and case histories to learn from

Course Structure: One day Online Webinar, 09:15am – 4.00pm

Date of event: July 03, 2024

Duration of Event: 1 day

Venue for event: Live Zoom

Name of trainer: Julie Johnson

Tel bookings: 01323 811690

Email bookings: 

Website: https://www.humangivens.com/college/self-compassion-course-live-online-training/

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £125

Cost for NCH members: £112

How to claim discount: Please use discount code NCH10

Additional information/requirements: Human Givens College also provides CPD courses on a wide range of mental healthareas and therapeutic skills, both online and in-person. Topics include, anxiety, selfharm, OCD, suicide prevention, depression, addiction, PTSD, couples therapy and more.

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