⭐ 15 October 2024 – How to help troubled and troublesome teenagers

CPD Event title: How to help troubled and troublesome teenagers

Brief Description Of Event: This live online training event gives you the essential knowledge, tips and practical skills you need to help troubled teenagers unlock their potential and begin to build lives for themselves that work well.

Tutor Richard Brook has a wealth of hands-on practical experience in adolescent mental health and social work which he draws on throughout the day – you will have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss how you can implement the skills and techniques in your own work or with the teens you care for.

The programme is varied and intensive, yet lively with a strong focus on gaining skills. It clarifies what healthy teenage development looks like, why things can go wrong and the best ways to help young people overcome obstacles and begin to create lives for themselves that work well.

Richard also shows how, by working with the ‘givens’ of human nature, and ensuring that sound knowledge of how people really function is applied intelligently to teenagers, you can speed up progress, reduce anti-social behaviour and teen depression, and bring young people real benefits.

At the end of the day you will find yourself more empowered to respond effectively to each individual’s needs and temperament, whilst avoiding yourself the emotional pitfalls of working in stressful situations.

Learning Objectives: 

What will you learn
  • An increased understanding of what drives most problematic behaviour, including anti-social behaviour
  • Essential knowledge and skills to deliver effective interventions to young people, both individually and in groups
  • A deeper understanding of the causes of adolescent mental health problems
  • Simple yet effective techniques for engaging uncommunicative young people, building rapport and promoting behavioural changes
  • Constructive ways to help prevent teenage depression, anxiety and stress
  • Four vital guiding principles that ensure your work with young people is relevant and effective
  • Ways to motivate young people and help them set achievable goals
  • How to discover and build upon a young person’s strengths and engage them in practical problem-solving
  • Knowledge of how the insights from the human givens approach can dramatically improve interventions and their outcomes
  • Strategies for working with troubled youth
  • The opportunity to discuss how you could implement these in your own work with a highly knowledgeable tutor who has years of hands-on experience
  • The common misconceptions about adolescence
  • What healthy teenage development looks like – this may bring you some surprises!
  • A clear and logical foundation upon which to structure creative and effective interventions
  • Ways to respond effectively to each individual’s needs, temperament and learning style
  • How to avoid the emotional pitfalls of working in stressful situations
  • An expanded repertoire of skills and a refined understanding of what works and – most importantly – why

Course Structure: One day Online Webinar, 09:15am – 4.00pm

Date of event: October 15, 2024

Duration of Event: 1 day

Venue for event: Live Zoom

Name of trainer: Richard Brook

Tel bookings: 01323 811690

Email bookings: 

Website: https://www.humangivens.com/college/how-to-work-effectively-with-troubled-teenagers-live-online-training/

Maximum number of participants:

Cost of Course: £125

Cost for NCH members: £112

How to claim discount: Please use discount code NCH10

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