Chairman’s Report 2011

The finances for this year are continuing the trend set last year, with increased turnover as a result of increasing membership and HPD portfolio registration income. We have also succeeded in holding our administrative costs even though we have had to make some exceptional payments.

In summary, despite the harsh economic climate we have managed to improve our surplus for the year by £23,000. This compares favourably with last years profit of £4,500 and the previous years loss of £16,000. This has enabled us to begin a programme of investment in very significant changes to the look, the feel and the influence of the NCH going forward. We have posted our full accounts on the website; we have also included an expenses matrix, so you are able to peruse payments (if any) made to Directors and members of the Executive.

First of all I will focus briefly on our new look, all those members present at the AGM will see for themselves the amazing new look for the NCH, it is clear, concise, professional and the new branding works as well with both clients and members, we spent a long time on the Executives discussing a format that worked equally with clients and members; we hope you agree that we have achieved this.

I must emphasise that we are a member’s co-operative which means that we listen to our members and do everything we can to encourage participation, in fairness sometimes that is a little difficult, as many of our members are very busy therapists with little time to spare. However to encourage participation we have introduced a member’s Editorial Board for our Journal, we have revised our Specialist Advisors group, we have worked more closely with our Training Schools, we have had members Focus Groups and most importantly of all we are proposing fundamental changes in Articles of Association which will mean greater participation from our members and the use of electronic media to vote and facilitate virtual meetings, thus not only increasing participation but reducing costs.

We have this last year consolidated our relationship with the United Kingdom Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisation, we have forged stronger links with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and we are looking at how best we can unify some of the fragmented Professional Associations within our profession.
We have robustly defended the advertising of hypnotherapy to the Advertising Standards Authority, and we have successfully challenged the Copyright application for the name “Hypnobirthing” with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office, we are now seeking alliances with those whom are opposing a similar application to the European Community Trademark Organisation.

During the year we have helped to finalise new occupational standards for hypnotherapy and are introducing simplified HPD Learning Outcomes, we have integrated our new supervision course into the new structure and criteria for membership and we are now ready to begin the second phase of our systems update.
We have enabled potential members and others to take part in a “professional discussion” to facilitate easy access to the HPD.

All these initiatives have of course, only been achieved with the commitment of our Executive Board and the full support of our members, I would like to thank them all for their continuing enthusiasm and dedication.
We are committed to maintaining the momentum of change which we have initiated. In the financial year end 2011 we have built a considerable financial surplus which we will be reinvesting for the benefit of the NCH and our members.

CNHC Publish CPD Policy

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) have now clarified their position on CPD, and their new policy comes into effect on 1st September 2011.

Practitioners can be assured that the CNHC CPD policy is very compatible with the existing National Council for Hypnotherapy policy, so we have only had to make a couple of minor amendments to ensure that the CPD you do as an NCH member will also satisfy the requirements of the CNHC.

National Council for Hypnotherapy members can access resources to help you meet your CPD requirements in the members area.

The The National Council for Hypnotherapy CPD Courses Diary is available to all – with substantial discounts to all National Council for Hypnotherapy members.

CNHC Minutes

Please find below a link to a summary of the recent CNHC Professional Associations’ Meeting.

The meeting was very positive, I am delighted to report that the Hypnotherapy section within the CNHC has proven to be most popular with well over a thousand registrants.

A summary of the meeting is now available on the CNHC website. Please click here to view: Minutes of the CNHC professional associations meeting

Best Wishes

Paul White
Chairman National Council for Hypnotherapy

New CPD Scheme

I am pleased to announce that the long overdue review of the National Council for Hypnotherapy’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme has been completed, and the diary is beginning to look healthier day by day as we revalidate CPD events under the new CPD scheme rules.

As part of the changes, our CPD Courses Diary is now publicly available on our website under the Training menu.

For NCH members, our simplified and more flexible CPD scheme means you’ll find it easier to take charge of your own professional development and access a wider variety of great value training with discounts that are only available to NCH members.

For CPD training providers, you’ll find our new CPD scheme a cost effective way to offer quality CPD training to over 1800 hypnotherapy professionals across the UK. Please contact the Development Director for full details and a CPD Event application form.