ISA & CRB Reforms – Latest News.

The new Government has finally published its reports on the ISA and CRB procedures with recommendations for reforming the ISA/CRB Safeguarding processes that the last Government was rolling out.

The net result is that they have opted for a radically scaled back ’employment vetting scheme’. At the same time they are revising the CRB Checking scheme.

The major factor in these changes is that they are scrapping the ISA monitored Registers. They will be retaining the Barring Lists, one for ‘children’ and on for vulnerable persons. To compensate for the loss of this scheme they are intending to change the regulations surrounding CRB Checks. The detail of how these changes will work is not yet clear, but they will be centered around who may and who must apply for a check and who may view the disclosures. The Home Office report indicates that CRB checks will become more the concern of the individual being checked, rather than an Employer or Sponsoring Body as per the current regulations. This will mean that the CRB Disclosure will become ‘portable’ and if it is recent and acceptable to a new employer then it will not be necessary to carry out another check. Again how this will work is not yet clear and for many large and public Employers it may change little from existing practice.

So how will this effect the NCH and it’s membership?

Firstly we will be changing the Codes of Ethics and Practice to remove the requirement to register with the ISA. But as we expect that any employer that may take on a member in a Healthcare role will require a CRB check, we will be retaining the CRB check and Certification Scheme, which may become a requirement. With the introduction of portability for CRB checks you will be one jump ahead if you have a current CRB Certificate with your membership when you apply for a Healthcare Post.

Secondly we will be maintaining a link with the new body that they are developing with the merger of the ISA and the CRB Office. This will be necessary as while we retain a Disciplinary Process there will be a legal duty for us to report certain categories of “offending”. Again as the regulations change this may change. But as a membership function we will retain the ability to check applicants with the Barring Lists to verify new member’s bona fides.

The projected dates for these changes to come into effect is early 2012. Between now and then as more detail is revealed and we come to understand how these changes effect the NCH and its Membership we will let you know.

Voting results for Motions at AGM

The results of the voting at the AGM in respect of the 2 Motions to ratify change to elements of the Bye Laws are:
1) Motion 1 – the change of Bye Law 1 to the CNHC format – Votes for = 474, against = 32, abstained = 18.
2) Motion 2 – the change of Bye Law 2 in respect of the Grievance Process – Votes for = 512, against = 16, abstained = 6.
Both motions were therefore passed and the changes to the Bye Laws ratified.

Election Results

Following the election held at the AGM on Saturday 2nd October at the Royal Society for Medicine, 2 candidates required a recount of the Votes.

The original Returns were: Paul Howard 118, Rob Woodgate 2, Trevor Silvester 224, Donald Robertson 72, Sophie Fletcher 50, Chris Gelder 2, Neil Foster 14, Andrew Hill 5, Mo Ferrington 1, Gina Davy 4, Lorah Townes 0.

The Voting papers were recounted by myself and Annie Dee Hughes at 7 pm Thursday 7/10/10, witnessed by Jo-Anne Kellehar the Standards Officer.

The result of this count was that the following are declared elected with their final vote counts: Paul Howard 114, Trevor Silvester 225, Donald Robertson 73, Sophie Fletcher 50, Neil Foster 14, Andrew Hill 33.

Those declared as elected are now directors of the NCH.

AGM 2010 – Notices, Motions & Election Candidates

The 2010 Annual General Meeting of the NCH will take place at the Royal Society of Medicine at 2pm on Saturday 2nd October 2010 and all currently active full members are entitled to a vote.

Please confirm attendance or nominate a proxy using this form
NB: Form closes 5pm on Thursday 30th September 2010.

Draft Agenda

10th AGM of the National Council for Hypnotherapy;
2pm on 2nd October 2010

  1. Open meeting & welcome to members,
  2. Apologies and statement of proxy vote numbers, plus those present to give quorum, (if not quorate adjourn meeting in accordance with M&A.)
  3. Minutes of previous AGM (2008),
  4. Matters arising,
  5. Chair’s report,
  6. Secretary’s report,
  7. Election of Directors,
  8. A.o.B.
  9. Close meeting.

Election Statements

The following Directors are standing for re-election this year:

  1. Sophie Fletcher – Exec Director
  2. Paul Howard – PR & Marketing
  3. Trevor Silvester – Supervision
  4. Donald Robertson – Research
  5. Rob Woodgate – IT

The following members have put themselves forward for election:

  1. Chris Gelder
  2. Neil Foster
  3. Andrew Hill
  4. Mo Ferrington
  5. Gina Davy
  6. Lorah Towns

Election statements for all candidates can be found here: Election Addresses

Motions to Amend Byelaws

Two motions are proposed by the Executive Committee. There are no member motions.

Motion 1 – The NCH adopts the Revised Bye Law 1

It has become clear that the NCH Code of Ethics, whilst excellent, will be redundant or superflous as UKCHO move towards Voluntary Self Regulation and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The NCH Executive proposes that the NCH Code of Ethics, enshrined in Bye Law 1, be brought into line with the CNHC Code, which is sanctioned by the Department of Health.

Document: Proposed New Bye Law 1

Motion 2 – The NCH adopts the Revised Bye Law 2

During the past year, problems with way the Grievance and Complaints procedure could be triggered were highlighted and in resolving these, necessary changes to the Bye Law were identified. The Executive Committee proposes changes to the Grievance and Public Protection Procedures, enshrined in Bye Law 2, to allow a complainant’s right to confidentiality to be waived in cases where the best interests of the NCH as an organisation are compromised.

Document: Proposed Bye Law 2

Directors Reports

NB: 2009 Accounts may be found in the Winter 09 Journal.