Let’s connect: Hypnotherapy for better outcomes

This week marks Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK, and the theme for this year’s event is “Let’s Connect”. The focus is on building stronger connections within families and communities to help improve mental health outcomes for young people.

Unfortunately, the situation for young people’s mental health in the UK is concerning. Some years ago, a survey conducted by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) revealed that nearly 80% of school heads have noticed an increase in self-harm or suicidal thoughts among students. Additionally, 40% reported a large rise in cyber-bullying and 53% of those who referred a student to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) rated the services as “poor” or “very poor”. The lack of mental health resources available to young people is a growing concern.

As we all know, the mental well-being of young people is just as important as their physical health. Early interventions lead to better mental health outcomes for our children. Good mental health helps build resilience and prepares young people to handle life’s challenges as they grow into adulthood. However, with the increasing demand for mental health care and a shortage of resources, the gap in mental health services for young people is becoming a major issue.

One possible solution is hypnotherapy. This approach has been shown to be effective in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress and is becoming increasingly important in supporting the mental health of young people in the UK. The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) has well over 2000 highly-qualified and trained therapists as members located throughout the UK. The NCH holds one of the largest registers of independent hypnotherapists, making it an excellent resource for families and individuals seeking help for mental health issues. The NCH upholds high levels of training, encouraging members to undertake continuing professional development and supports them to specialise and become experts in specific areas of practice such as children and adolescents.

Hypnotherapy can help young people manage their mental health problems by changing their thought patterns and behaviours. After several sessions with a hypnotherapist, young people may feel more confident and relaxed in previously challenging situations. They may also report feeling calmer, more focused, and better equipped to make decisions. With nearly 300,000 young people in the UK suffering from anxiety disorders and a high prevalence of anxiety among children and adolescents, the role of hypnotherapy in supporting the mental health of young people is becoming increasingly vital.

If you’d like to explore how hypnotherapy may be able to support you and your child, you can use our therapist finder to locate a therapist near you.



Photo by Katerina Holmes

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